Date: Mon, 24 Feb 97 13:17:09 GMT
From: (Peter Murray-Rust)
Newsgroup: comp.text.sgml
XML-DEV: a mailing list for XML developers ------------------------------------------ (XML is the new 'extremly simple dialect' of SGML being sponsored by the W3C. To find out more, the FAQ is at We have just set up a mailing list for those interested in developing XML applications and technology. We use the word 'develop' in a wide sense and encourage anyone who is actively interested in implementing XML to participate. The list is unmoderated, and digested and you can subscribe by posting to with message subscribe xml-dev yourname@yoursite The list traffic is _publicly_ hypermailed at: Rationale for the list ---------------------- The XML editorial review board (ERB) (advised by the working group (WG)) have posted a draft spec for the first part of the language. This is publicly available for examination by those who want to develop full XML applications or components of the technology. We feel that this will be helped by public discussion among these groups on topics including, but not limited to: - how do I implement (this part of) the spec? - how do I convert my current DTDs, catalogs, EntitySets, etc. to XML? - how do I configure my server to assemble or serve an XML document? - what software components are available for building prototypes or products? - can we develop a consistent public API for XML? - how will XML interoperate with MIME/CORBA, etc.? By building prototypes and demonstrators, and standardising the components from which they are built, we hope to get XML off to a flying start. XML has great potential both inside the current SGML community and in novel applications on the WWW (where subscribers may not be familiar with SGML/XML). As part of the XML effort we hope to encourage the public cooperative development of interoperable components and we expect some of the discussion to centre on parsers, editors, search engines, browsers, link processors and so on. We also expect discussion on the translation of common components (DTDs, entity sets) to XML and on the most appropriate ways of authoring them, either with existing tools or new ones. NOTE: The second phase of XML (hyperlinking) is still under active discussion and is not yet formalised to the state where protoypes can be built. The third phase (stylesheets) will be discussed later this year. NOTE: The list is NOT for casual queries like "What is XML" (see the FAQ) or "Can you add Foo to the spec?" (the WG/ERB has that role). We hope that general tutorials, examples, test sets, etc. will be produced by the community and that we and the FAQ will be able to point enquirers to them. Henry Rzepa (Chemistry, Imperial College, London, UK) Peter MR. -- Peter Murray-Rust, domestic net connection Virtual School of Molecular Sciences