SGML: XML-Data Proposal

XML-Data Proposal

From Mon Jun 23 00:41:31 1997
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 22:37:56 -0700
From: Jean Paoli <>
Subject: XML-Data
To: "''" <>,
        "''" <>,
        "''" <>
Cc: Andrew Layman <>,
        Thomas Reardon <>,
        Adam Bosworth <>,
        Hadi Partovi <>
Reply-to: Jean Paoli <>


I am pleased to present XML-Data, a Position Paper from Microsoft.
XML-Data is an application of XML for exchanging 
structured data and metadata on the Internet. 
This position paper is sent to multiple working groups
in the W3C dealing with this subject (XML, meta-data)
and we expect this paper to be discussed and improved
by these working groups.
The current proposal needs namespaces and uses the Layman/Bray

The URL of this paper (on the Microsoft site) will be posted tomorrow.
-Jean Paoli

[See now: Specification for XML-Data, June 20, 1997]