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XML Conformance

OASIS Summer Workshop 1998

Session Leader

G. Ken Holman (Crane Softwrights)


Possible offerings which OASIS could make to the community:

Only the second and third were deemed worth pursuit at this time.

We recognize three levels of conformance for which a processorís performance could be measured.  In increasing order of conformance rigor, these are:

OASIS will pursue the first of these, and consider taking the others up later. 

The Binary Test determines that a processor always delivers, or not, the correct response prescribed in the specification.  The correct response is either:

The Output Tests demonstrate that a processor passes information to the application as prescribed in the specification.

The Property Test examines a processorís output and determines whether or not the value for all properties is that which would have been expected based on the standard and the defined property set.

The Binary Test will consist of

The test files will be built using James Clarkís suite of test files as a starting point.

Member Benefit

There are no similar initiatives in progress within any OASIS member organization; OASIS believes that there are no similar initiatives under way anywhere.

Action Items

Ken Holman will deliver this test suite and a document describing the methodology at the XML conference in Chicago, in November `98.

Unresolved Issues