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X-Collaboration Software Corp. To Offer
Enhanced, Web-Powered Document-Sharing
Capabilities To Microsoft Office™ 2000 Users

— Microsoft’s Launch of Office 2000 Supported By
XML-Based X-Collaboration.com Solution —

Boston, MA – June 7, 1999 – With the official unveiling today of Microsoft Office 2000 business productivity software suite, X-Collaboration Software Corporation (XCSC) — a start-up innovator of XML business collaboration products—announced that its X-Collaboration.com™ solution provides a fully-supported business collaboration service for Microsoft Office 2000 users wishing to manage the work of distributed intra- and inter-company workgroups via the Internet.

"X-Collaboration.com’s support for the current and the new Microsoft Office applications allows team members to use their familiar applications in a transparent, Web-powered knowledge management process," said XCSC’s president and chief operating officer, Doug Levin. "X-collaboration.com provides a hosted infrastructure that seamlessly integrates Microsoft Office 2000 in a collaborative Web environment. Because it doesn’t require an in-house collaboration infrastructure deployment, the X-Collaboration.com solution is easily accessible to small business and individuals."

"X-Collaboration.com builds on the web-publishing capabilities of Microsoft Office 2000, providing users with a Internet service for business collaboration," said Ralf Harteneck, general manager of Word and PowerPoint at Microsoft Corp. "The combined solution makes it easy for geographically-dispersed teams to collaborate on shared projects over the Internet."

The X-Collaboration.com solution augments the out-of-the-box, Web-based productivity benefits of Microsoft Office 2000 applications with powerful and fully compatible collaboration functionality. X-Collaboration.com is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 2000’s use of XML and Microsoft Exchange. In addition, X-Collaboration.com runs on Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, and supports Microsoft Internet Explorer and all existing Windows-based applications and e-mail packages.

The XML-driven format of the X-Collaboration.com business collaboration service leverages the XML support and intra-suite productivity power of Microsoft Office 2000. Via XML databases—the platform for the Company’s outsourced collaboration services—X-Collaboration Software’s solution provides document histories in addition to a record of team members who have "checked out" the documents; the completion status of multiple tasks; and, a complete listing of comments and e-mails associated with each project-related document. This knowledge management process becomes even more seamless when all team members are using the new Microsoft Office 2000 suite.

"By tapping the full benefits of Microsoft Office 2000 features and by leveraging an XML transport layer within our own product, X-Collaboration.com provides dynamic, global, intelligent access to the many data types involved in team collaboration," Levin concluded. "We are proud to be one of the very first vendors to fully support the Microsoft Office 2000 platform at its time of launch."

Pricing and Availability

Available immediately, X-Collaboration.com features standard browser-access to all projects and inter-company document building capabilities through secure extranet access.

A user license for a 5-user team for X-Collaboration.com is $500.00 with a one-time database set-up fee of $50.00. User licenses are available for $95.00 per year for up to 25 additional users. Beyond 30 users, the price varies.

Five-user teams receive the first 50 megabytes of storage for free. Additional database storage for X-Collaboration.com databases is $550.00 for 50 megabytes, $2,550.00 for 250 megabytes, and $10,050.00 for 1 gigabyte.

About X-Collaboration Software Corporation

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