Third International World-Wide Web Conference

Workshop I: SGML and the Web

Chair: Steven J. DeRose

Half-day workshop on Monday, April 10, 1995
9:30 am- 1:00 pm

Room: 48/052

SGML is the general markup language on which HTML is based, and has been widely adopted since it became a formal standard in 1986. Many gigabytes of data have been encoded with SGML tag-sets other than HTML; many of those tag sets were specially designed for particular kinds of documents and other data. Using this data on the Web is impractical if it must all be translated into the single and small HTML tag-set. The SGML Open Consortium is working actively with the IETF and WWW communities to develop ways of delivering the vast collections of SGML data on the net effectively and easily.

This workshop will review the progress made so far, and work to achieve a wider consensus on how to manage fully general SGML data on the net. The most pressing issues right now include: MIME types for delivering SGML documents along with required information to handle them, such as their DTDs and style sheets; smart caching to allow re-using DTDs and stylesheets rather than re-fetching them for every document; DSSSL-Lite for interchanging stylesheets; helping with the finalization of HTML 3.0. We will devote time during the day to each of these topics.

This workshop is intended for anyone interested in how the Web can be used with large and/or diverse documents, whose structure may go beyond what HTML is intended to address, and also to anyone with non-HTML documents they wish to deliver. We view this as a real *work*shop, so attendees should be prepared to participate actively in the discussions and help resolve issues and questions.

Speakers of Worksop I:
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