SGML: Univ of Wisconsin, "Implementing an SGML Publishing System"

SGML: Univ of Wisconsin, "Implementing an SGML Publishing System"

From: (Dick Vacca)
Newsgroups: comp.text.sgml
Subject: Univ of Wisconsin SGML program
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 12:48:04 -0500
Organization: Univ of Wisconsin


The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Department of Engineering
Professional Development is offering "Implementing an SGML Publishing
System" in Madison October 22-25, 1996. The course is aimed at SGML
implementors such as managers of information technology and publishing
groups, analysts, programmers, content developers, and applications
developers. It explores technical issues such as document analysis, SGML
constructs, developing the Document Type Definition (DTD), data
management, data conversion, migration, and SGML-compatible software and
tools. The course combines lectures, exercises, case study presentations,
and a hands-on lab session during its four days.

The instructors are Brian Travis, president of the SGML consulting group
Information Architects, Inc., and Dale Waldt, vice president of Product
Systems for Research Institute of America. Travis and Waldt are coauthors
of The SGML Implementation Guide, as well as editors of <TAG>.
Participants will receive a copy of The SGML Implementation Guide, an
introductory subscription to <TAG>, and the SGML Control Center, a
diskette which includes software tools, an SGML application, and a
documented DTD. The fee for the four-day course is $1,095, with discounts
available for multiple registrations from the same organization.

For registration information, call +1 800-462-0876 and request information
on program number 6896. Program information is also available on the World
Wide Web at 

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For information on these programs, call program director Dick Vacca at +1
608-262-4341, or send email to