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TITLE: Report on informal meeting with W3C HTML editor
SOURCE: Roger Price
ACTION: For information
DATE: May 16th 1997
DISTRIBUTION: WG8 and Liaisons


I went to Cambridge MA on Thursday May 8th 1997 and had lunch with Dave Raggett, the W3C staff member who leads the HTML language specification work. We had a strictly informal conversation on the current HTML work in the W3C and in WG8. After the meeting, I wrote some notes which I present here in a slightly edited form.

Please remember that our meeting had no official status and that these notes merely document our informal discussion. They do not represent any official request for any action and are not a liaison statement. Some of the matters we discussed such as an invitation to Dave Raggett to provide expert advice to the ISO-HTML editors have already been the subject of action by WG8.

My notes

Hello Dave,

Here are my notes on our editor-meets-editor conversation yesterday in Cambridge. If I have misrepresented you in any way, my apologies in advance. The notes are in no particular order and are simply ideas for consideration. They have no official value.