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ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC34 N1993


Information Technology ---

Document Description and Processing Languages

TITLE: Extracts from JTC1 Recommendations about WG4
SOURCE: JTC1 (via Rudolf Riess)
PROJECT: All SC34 projects
PROJECT EDITOR: All SC34 editors
STATUS: Advance release of JTC1 document
ACTION: For information
DATE: 8 June 1998
DISTRIBUTION: WG4 and Liaisons
REPLY TO: Dr. James David Mason
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Extracts from JTC1 Recommendations about WG4

As you can see from the items below, our request to become a full subcommittee has been approved tentatively. Our highest priority is now the establishment of a full secretariat.

In order to maintain continuity of documentation, I plan to keep the numbering system we have used in the past as SC18/WG8 and JTC1/WG4.

James D. Mason, JTC1/SC34 Chairman

Resolution 19 - Disbandment of JTC 1/WG4 and Establishment of a New Subcommittee 34

Given the importance of the work currently being done in JTC 1WG4, JTC 1 disbands JTC 1/WG4 and establishes a new Subcommittee within JTC 1 (SC34) to carry out this work. This new SC will operate in the Technical Direction - Document Description Languages - with the following title and scope:

Title: Document Description and Processing Languages

Scope: Standadization in the field of document structures, languages and related facilities for the description and processing of compound and hypermedia documnts, including:

Resolution 20 - Admnistration of SC34

Given the establishment of the new SC 34, the JTC 1 Secretariat is instructed to issue a 3 month call for National Body interest to assume the Secretariat Subcommittee. National Bodies are urged to strongly consider responding affirmatively to this call. In the interim, the current WG 4 convenor will continue to provide administrative support for this SC with the assistance of the JTC 1 secretariat. If no National Body has offered to assume the Secretariat responsibilities of SC 34 by the January 1999 JTC 1 plenary in Brazil, it would be JTC 1's intention to disband the committee at that time.