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SGML at Work
by Dan Vint

Prentice Hall, release July 1998

Backcover Text

The start-to-finish, real-world guide to implementing SGML. You already know that SGML can supercharge your publishing processes, helping you leverage information in powerful new ways. All that's left is the hard part--implementation. One book will you through every step: SGML at Work, the most detailed guide to building real-world SGML publishing systems. Expert SGML and XML developer Dan Vint presents a cradle-top-grave, soup-to-nuts methodology for deciding what to do, when to do it, and how to do it right. He answers key questions like:

SGML at Work covers the nitty-gritty of building an SGML publishing system: developing DTDs as efficiently as possible; introducing a quality control cycle that works; using and adapting conversion tools; and more. You'll find extensive code and software configurations you can use today. If you're implementing SGML, don't reinvent the wheel--let SGML at Work help you get the job done right, the first time. 

The SGML at Work CD-ROM contains an extraordinary library of commercial SGML trialware, and configurations to support the immediate use of Corel Ventura Publisher 7 and WordPerfect 8; Grif; InContext SGML editors; Arbortext ADEPT*Editor and Document*Architect; the OmniMark programming language for document conversion and manipulation the Texcel Information Manager; and all these deliver tools: INSO DynaText and DynaWeb; and SoftQuad Panorama Pro. You'll also find a complete working sample implementation that takes a FrameMaker document through DTD development, SGML conversion, cleanup, editing, presentation and document management. This sample is used to develop programs and demonstrate the SGML industry's best commercial shareware and freeware tools. 

Dan Vint has been involved in documentation systems development and support since the early days of the desktop publishing revolution in the early 1980s, and has implemented SGML tools in defense, aerospace, software development and legal publishing environments.

Table of Contents

	About this book
	About the author
PART I Foundations
	1 What is Publishing?
		Publishing Roles
		Publication Types
			Regulated documents
			Technical documents
			Database generated documents
			Interactive documents
	2 What is a desktop publishing system?
		Parts of a desktop publishing system
			Graphical User Interface (GUI)
			Support Utilities
			Multimedia support
			Operating system interface
	3 What is an SGML publishing system?
		An SGML publishing system compared to a DTP System
			Graphical User Interface (GUI)
			Support Utilities
			Multimedia support
			Operating system interface
		General SGML implementation considerations
			Declaration file
				Special characters
				External files and references
			SGML features
	4 The JETT Implementation Methodology
		Get something working
		Start simple
		Build internal expertise
		Build an enterprise solution
			SGML is more than just documents

PART II Design

	5 Analyzing documents for a DTD
		Document analysis
			Skills required
			Document Analysis methodology
				Industry standard DTDs
				Types of documents
				Hardcopy requirements
				How many DTDs are needed?
			Developing a DTD
				Sample documents
					Your document samples
				Analyzing the sample document
	6 DTD design and documentation tools
		DTD development tools
			Near & Far Designer
				Using the Near & Far Designer
			SGML Companion DTD Browser
				Using the SGML Companion DTD browser
		DTD documentation methods
			SGML Sample document
				Documentation sample
				Test sample
				Using dtd2html
	7 Converting legacy text documents
		Introduction to conversion
		Data collection methodology
		What to do with a new format
			Learning phase
			Conversion program
			Conversion tools
		Selected text formats
				Interleaf ASCII format (IAF)
				Output to Interleaf
			Adobe FrameMaker
				Output to FrameMaker
			Microsoft Word
				Output to Microsoft Word
			Getting into SGML
		Conversion Programming
			Support tools
				Configuring OmniMark emacs mode
				Using vim
				Using tail and head
				Using grep
			Programming tools
			OmniMark conversion programs
				Extracting information from a MIF book file
				Finding referenced files in a MIF file
				Listing the styles in a MIF file
				Simple report on the contents of a MIF file
				Converting from MIF to SGML
	8 Converting legacy document graphics
		Desktop publishing tools and graphics
		Converting graphics
			Raster formats
				Tagged image file format (TIFF)
				Graphics interchange format (GIF)
			Vector Formats
				PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript
				Computer graphics metafile (CGM)
				Initial graphics interchange specification (IGES)
		Graphic conversion programs
		Capturing the sample graphics
			Capturing images with SnagIt
			Capturing images with MetaPrint
				Working with CGM files
PART III Construction

	9 Arbortext ADEPT*Editor and Document*Architect
		Using Document*Architect
			Building the sample DTD application
		SGML file cleanup
			Enhancing the sample application
		Defining a screen FOSI
			A tour of the FOSI editor
			Modifying the default screen FOSI
			Changes to the sample.dtd
			Installing the sample application
		Using ADEPT*Editor
			New document creation
			SGML settings and special tools
			Entity creation and manipulation
				Creating character entities
				Creating file entities
				Editing file entities
				Creating a graphic entity
				Creating a notation type
				Working with PUBLIC identifiers
			Navigating an SGML document
				Find tools
				HyperTOC Panel
				Collapsing an elements content
			Working with elements
				Inserting an element
				Splitting an element
				Joining an element
				Changing an element
				Modifying element attributes
			Editing a selection as ASCII markup
			Checking IDs and IDREFs
			Creating a new table
			Turning off rules checking
			Validating an SGML document
	10 Grif SGML Editor
		Configuring Grif for a DTD
		Using the Grif editor
			New document creation
			Working with elements
				Inserting an element
				Splitting an element
				Surrounding an element
				Changing an element
				Modifying attributes
			Entity creation and manipulation
				Creating character entities
				Creating a graphic entity
			Creating a new table
			Validating an SGML document
	11 Corel WordPerfect 8
		Native vs. non-native SGML support
		Installing WordPerfect 8 SGML features
		Configuring WordPerfect 8 SGML features
			Adding entities to the map file
			Compiling the DTD
			Creating a layout
			Defining a second style sheet
		Using WordPerfect 8
			Loading a new document type
			Starting a new SGML document
			Inserting an element
			Splitting an element
			Editing element attributes
			Creating character entities
			Creating file entities
			Creating a graphic entity
			Checking IDs and IDREFs
			Creating a new table
			Validating an SGML document
	12 Corel Ventura 7
		Installing Ventura 7 with SGML tools
		Configuring InContext v2.2
		Configuring Corel Visual DTD
		Configuring Ventura 7 SGML features
			Adding entities to the map file
			Compiling the DTD
			Creating a Ventura 7 layout
			Configuring the DTD in Ventura
		Using the InContext editor
			Defining an InContext ATD
			Defining an InContext style sheet
			Creating an InContext template document
			The logical and content editors
			SGML settings and special tools
			Creating character entities
			Creating file entities
			Creating a NOTATION
			Creating a graphic entity
			Viewing IDs
			Creating a new table
			Managing elements
				Inserting an element
				Splitting an element
				Collapsing element content
				Editing element attributes
			Printing the document to RTF
			InContext editor
			Ventura 7
PART IV Delivery

	13 Delivering documents in hardcopy
		OmniMark down translate
			OmniMark entity management configuration
			Converting from SGML to RTF with OmniMark
		An introduction to DSSSL
			Installing Jade
			Configuring Jade
			Creating a DSSSL format specification
	14 Delivering documents on-line
		TechnoTeacher's HyBrowse
				Building the HyBrowse style sheet
		INSO's DynaText
				Configuring the collection
			Building the DynaText style sheets with InStEd
				TOC style sheets
				Print style sheets
			Using DynaText
	15 SGML and the WWWW
		SoftQuad Panorama Pro
			Building a stylesheet
				Viewing stylesheet
				Navigation stylesheet
			Installing Panorama Pro stylesheets
			Configuring your web browser to use Panorama Pro
			Using Panorama Pro
				Text searching
			Panorama Viewer evaluation software
				Installation and configuration
				Using Panorama Viewer
		INSO DynaWeb
			Building a stylesheet
			Using DynaWeb documents
				Changing the DynaWeb display
		What is XML?
PART V Management

	16 Document management systems
		Installation of Texcel Information Manager
			Building the IM environment
				Build a workflow database
				Starting the initial servers
				Administering the IM system
				Creating a document repository database
			Modifying the Arbortext environment
				Modifying the Adept environment
				Modifying the DTD
				Modifying the screen FOSI
			Projects and roles
				Creating a project
				Creating a user role
			Starting IM after a shutdown
			Loading the repository
				Loading a DTD
				Loading SGML documents
				Loading file objects
			IM system administration
			Workflow management
				Creating a process model
		Using Texcel Information Manager
			Direct repository use
				Document browser
				Editing sections of content
			Using electronic review
				Reviewing a document
				Autocomment mode revisions
				Incorporating review comments
				Reviewing comment status
			Using a workflow
				Creating a workflow case

Appendix A SGML 101: How to read a DTD
	Parts of an SGML document
		PUBLIC identifiers
		Element declarations
			Parameter entities
			General entities
			System identifiers
			Entity references
		Notation declaration
	Miscellaneous Concerns
		Processing instructions
		Error messages
Appendix B Unipod Quick Reference
Appendix C SGML Tools and Vendors
	DTD development and documentation tools
	SGML Editors
	SGML Programming tools
	SGML document management systems
	Shareware Tools
Appendix D SGML at Work sample document
Appendix E CD-ROM Contents
Appendix F Related Standards
Appendix G Further Reading

Software demonstrated and sample code

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