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December 8, 1998
Veo Systems Announces Support For Sun Microsystems' New Java Development Kit With Java-Based Parser

Veo Systems leads integration of XML and Java

NEW YORK, - December 08, 1998 - Veo Systems, Inc., a pioneer in the development of open commerce networks, today announced a Java-based XML parser that will support Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s next release of its Java™ Development Kit (JDK™ version 1.2). Due to ship in Q1 of 1999, Veo Systems' XML parser will bridge the gap between XML and Java by being the first parser to support the Schema for Object Oriented XML (SOX) submission to the W3C XML-Schema working group. The Veo parser will combine unprecedented speed with XML DTD and SOX validation.

SOX extends XML for e-commerce and distributed computing by adding strong typing, inheritance, global name spaces, and legal attribute values. These extensions enable validity checking and facilitate mapping a document to other documents as well as to the rich data schemas used in databases and object oriented software applications.

"Veo is leading the way to couple the power of XML and Java. Veo Systems' parser will bridge the gap between XML and Java and by giving developers a familiar typed programming model for manipulating XML documents and make XML more powerful for the Java developer," stated Dr. Jay Tenenbaum, chairman and chief scientist of Veo Systems. "We are looking forward to working with our customers who deploy Sun's JDK in building innovative e-commerce and business integration solutions."

Veo Systems is currently accepting applicants for the XML parser early access program. Anyone interested in participating should visit Veo's website at www.veosystems.com/xml/parser/parser.html

About Veo Systems, Inc.
Veo Systems is the leading supplier of products and services to enable open commerce networks. Using Veo's solutions, companies can significantly lower the economics of business-to-business integration by exchanging information using self-describing XML business documents that both people and computers can readily understand. Veo's world-class technology team pioneered the application of XML to electronic commerce. Veo Systems is located in Mountain View, Calif. and can be reached at 650.988.7244 or via the Internet at http://www.veosystems.com.

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