SGML: Corel Ventura 6.0

SGML: Corel Ventura 6.0

[Extracted from the Press Release. See below]


Ventura SGML

SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) is a vendor independent,
international standard for encoding content in documents. It allows for
information interchange across platforms and, by separating document content
and structure from document appearance, enables users to republish information
to different delivery media. It is also the basis for many sophisticated
document management systems. The use of SMGL (sic! -rcc) in Ventura 6.0 is optional but
adds significant values for users creating very large documents or hypermedia. 

DTD Editor

   Near & Far will be bundled with Ventura 6.0 to allow users to create or
   edit their DTD's (Document Type Definitions, or document models) in a
   visual manner. These DTD's can then be used with Ventura to author
   SGML-compliant documents. 

SGML Authoring

   SGML technology from InContext Systems will be tightly integrated
   into Ventura to enable users to author documents in a fully validated
   structured form. Users will also be able to go from SGML to
   WYSIWYG for publishing on paper or electronic media. 

Electronic Publishing

While traditional paper publishing remains a strength of Corel Ventura, version
6.0 adds the capability of producing documents for multiple output formats.
Ventura 6.0 allows users to publish information on the Internet, on CD-ROMS
and as hypertext documents. To this end, several new modules will be tightly
integrated into the product offering. 

HTML Author

   In addition to the HTML authoring capabilities in Ventura, this
   easy-to-use standalone application will be included to create WEB
   documents directly. 

Corel CD Creator

   Allows users to publish their documents directly to CD-ROM. 

Electronic Output

   Since users will be able to navigate hypertext by simply clicking on the
   table of content items, index, or cross-reference entries from within
   Ventura, support for various electronic media formats will be greatly
   enhanced . This will enable them to verify that Adobe Acrobat or Envoy
   documents are working correctly before they are published to the WEB
   or a CD-ROM.

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