2nd Call for Papers - 12th International Unicode Conference, Tokyo

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From: Misha Wolf <misha.wolf@reuters.com>
Subject: 2nd Call for Papers - 12th International Unicode Conference, Tokyo,
 April 1998


                     C A L L   F O R   P A P E R S

               *** SUBMISSIONS DUE NOVEMBER 14, 1997 ***

           Twelfth International Unicode/ISO 10646 Conference
                       Global Computing Showcase

      Asia, Software + the Internet: Going Global with Unicode (R)

                            April 8-9, 1998
                             Tokyo, Japan

              The Twelfth International Unicode Conference
               is an official pre-conference event of the
              7th International World Wide Web Conference


 The Internet and the World Wide Web continue to change the shape of
 computing. The goal of network computing and understandable text
 access across wide, diverse groups of people has brought great
 momentum to computing environments that build Unicode into their
 foundation. Whether it's new e-business, network access to data, or
 very portable applications, Unicode makes a solid foundation for
 the network, global enterprises, and software users everywhere.

 The Twelfth International Unicode Conference will address topics
 ranging from Unicode use in the Internet and World Wide Web, to the
 latest developments with Java.  Particular emphasis will be on using
 Unicode in East Asia and the Pacific Rim. Conference attendees will
 include managers, software engineers, systems analysts, and product
 marketing personnel responsible for the development of software
 supporting Unicode/ISO 10646 as well as those involved in all
 aspects of the globalization of software and the Internet.

    Apple Computer, Inc.
    Justsystem Corporation
    Microsoft Corporation
    Oracle Corporation
    Reuters Limited
    Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)


    Submissions due:          November 14, 1997
    Notification date:        December 12, 1997
    Camera ready papers due:  January 23, 1998


 Computing with Unicode is the overall theme of the Conference.
 Presentations should be geared towards a technical audience.
 Suggested topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
 - The Internet and Unicode
 - Java and Unicode
 - The World Wide Web (WWW) and Unicode
 - Character set issues on the Internet and WWW
 - Unicode and input methods
 - Unicode and Asian script processing
 - Unicode and Asian minority languages
 - Metadata and Unicode
 - Web search engines and Unicode
 - Library and archival concerns
 - Unicode in databases
 - Unicode in large scale networks
 - The results of using Unicode applications (case studies, solutions)
 - Business topics and market forecasts
 - Language processing issues with Unicode data
 - Migrating legacy applications to Unicode
 - Cross platform issues
 - Compression of Unicode data
 - Testing Unicode applications
 - Usability evaluations of Unicode applications


 The Conference Program will provide a wide range of sessions
 - Keynote presentations
 - Technical presentations
 - Open discussion sessions
 - Workshops/Tutorials

 All sessions except the Workshops/Tutorials will be of 40 minute
 duration.  In some cases, two consecutive 40 minute program slots may
 be devoted to a single session.

 The Workshops/Tutorials will each last three hours.  They should be
 designed to stimulate discussion and participation, using slides and


 If your paper is accepted, your details will be included in the
 Conference brochure and Web pages and the paper itself will appear in
 the book of Conference Proceedings. We are also considering publishing
 papers on CD-ROM.


 Conference presentations may be given in English or in Japanese.
 On-site live translation from English to Japanese and from Japanese
 to English will be provided for all talks.


 Submissions MUST contain:

 1  An abstract of 150-250 words, consisting of statement of purpose,
    paper description, and your conclusions or final summary.

    An English abstract MUST be submitted.
    A Japanese abstract may be submitted in addition to the English one.

 2. A brief biography.

    The biography may be submitted in English or in Japanese.
    Two biographies may be submitted, one in English and one in Japanese.

 3  The details listed below:

    This form MUST be submitted in English.

    NAME:   Dr/Mr/Mrs/Ms:     _________________________________________

    TITLE/POSITION:           _________________________________________

    ORGANIZATION/AFFILIATION: _________________________________________

    ORGANIZATION'S WWW URL:   _________________________________________

    OWN WWW URL:              _________________________________________

    E-MAIL ADDRESS:           _________________________________________

    ADDRESS FOR PAPER MAIL:   _________________________________________



    TELEPHONE:                _________________________________________

    FAX:                      _________________________________________

    TITLE OF SESSION:         _________________________________________

    TYPE OF SESSION:          [ ] Keynote presentation

                              [ ] Technical presentation

                              [ ] Panel session

                              [ ] Open discussion session

                              [ ] Workshop/Tutorial

    TARGET AUDIENCE (you may select more than one category):

                              [ ] Manager

                              [ ] Software Engineer

                              [ ] Systems Analyst

                              [ ] Marketer

                              [ ] Other: ______________________________

 Submissions should be sent to the following address by e-mail, post,
 or fax:

    Twelfth International Unicode Conference
    c/o Global Meeting Services
    6160 Charae Street
    San Diego, CA  92122
    Tel:   +1-619-638-0206
    Fax:   +1-619-638-0504

    For e-mail submissions, use the following subject line:
       Proposal for IUC 12

    E-mail submissions in English should be sent as unencoded
    ASCII plain text to the following address:

    E-mail submissions in Japanese should be sent as unencoded
    ISO-2022-jp plain text to:


 The Conference will have an Exhibition area for corporations or
 individuals who wish to display and promote their products, technology
 and/or services.

 Every effort will be made to provide maximum exposure and advertising.

 Exhibit space is limited.  For further information or to reserve a
 place, please contact Global Meeting Services at the above location.


 Hotel Laforet Tokyo
 Mail address:      Gotenyama-Hills
                    7-36, Kita-shinagawa 4-chome,
                    Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140
 Main phone number: +81-3-5488-3911
 Facsimile number:  +81-3-5488-3903


 The Unicode Standard is a 16-bit character encoding encompassing the
 world's principal scripts which provides the foundation for the
 internationalization and localization of software.  With its simple
 and efficient approach to special and modified characters, the Unicode
 Standard defines a new degree of data portability between platforms
 and across borders.  Software (especially modern, distributed systems)
 can be adapted for particular countries far more easily than when
 existing character sets are used.  The Unicode Standard is code-for-
 code identical to the International Standard ISO/IEC 10646.

 For further information on the Unicode Standard, visit the Unicode Web
 site at <http://www.unicode.org> or e-mail <unicode-inc@unicode.org>.

 (R) 'Unicode' is a registered trademark of Unicode, Inc.

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