SGML: Description of README.1ST

SGML: Description of README.1ST

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"README.1ST: SGML for Writers and Editors" is a new book
released by Prentice Hall and it is the first volume in the
Charles F. Goldfarb Series.  Here is more information from
the press release:

"Upper Saddle River, NJ, October 10, 1995 -- Prentice Hall PTR today
announced the publication of README.1ST:  SGML for Writers and Editors
by Ronald C.  Turner, Timothy A. Douglass, and Audrey J. Turner, the
first volume in the Charles F. Goldfarb Series on Open Information

The Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) is rapidly emerging as
the single most important and powerful tool for the creation of "smart
documents".  These dynamically formatted files can be presented on
paper or on screen -- via CD-ROM or electronically over networks
including the Internet and even the World Wide Web.  In addition, smart
documents can be used and reused across multiple hardware and software
platforms.  SGML is revolutionizing the world of documents in the same
way the relational database technology revolutionized the world of data

README.1ST is the first guide devoted to SGML specifically created for
non-technical end users.  Writers, editors and managers who need to
understand the basics, deploy SGML, or start using SGML will find a fun
and easy-to-read introduction to SGML in README.1ST.

This new book gives the novice all of the information they need to
begin using SGML in real situations.  The authors begin by taking
readers through the basics of SGML standards and structure, then lead
you step-by-step through the development of an SGML document.  The book
covers markup tags, entities, attributes, and marked sections.  The
authors also teach readers how to read and customize a Document Type
Definition (DTD).  The book covers hypertext, hypermedia, and authoring
for the World Wide Web.  It also features a close-up look at HTML that
shows HTML as a particular application of SGML.  The book concludes
with a glossary of SGML terms and the actual SGML markup of a chapter
from the book.

README.1ST includes a diskette containing software to help the
reader get productive with SGML.  It includes:

SGMLab (tm), a viewer that allows users to validate and view SGML
documents.  A collection of sample documents.  A World Wide Web page
with links to sites containing HTML- and other SGML-related

README.1ST:  SGML for Writers and Editors, R. Turner, T. Douglass, and
A.  Turner.  Prentice Hall PTR 1996.  Book/Disk:  ISBN 0-13-432717-9.
272 pp.  $45.00.  Available now."

Customer Ordering Information ...

For Single Copy Orders:

Prentice Hall PTR, Order Processing Center
P.O. Box 11071
Des Moines, IA  50336
(phone) 1-800-947-7700; 515-284-6751
(fax) 515-284-2607

For Orders Greater Than Ten Copies:

Prentice Hall Corporate Sales
One Lake St.
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458
(phone) 1-800-382-3419; 201-236-7148
(fax) 201-236-7141
For more information contact:
Beth Hespe
Sr. Publicist 
Prentice Hall PTR
One Lake St.
Upper Saddle River, NJ  07458
201-236-7139 (ph)
201-236-7131 (fax)


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