Papers on Topic Maps from the XML Europe 2000 Conference

See the papers from the XML Europe 2000 Conference: (1) Topic Maps: a user perspective; (2) Topic Maps: a technical perspective.

10. Topic Maps: a user perspective
(4 papers)

The "GPS of the information universe"
Heinz Wittenbrink

The TAO of Topic Maps
Steve Pepper

Topic Map cartography
Colin Baird

Topic Maps go XML
Steven R. Newcomb, Michel Biezunski


25. Topic Maps: a technical perspective
(8 papers)

Answer is just a question [of matching Topic Maps]
Rafal Ksiezyk

Creating semantically valid topic maps
Geir Ove Grønmo

Information management - Topic Maps visualization
Benedicte Le Grand, Michel Soto

Making topic maps more colourful
Hans Holger Rath

Topic Maps for repositories
Kal Ahmed

Topic Map technology - the state of the art
Graham Moore

Towards knowledge organization with Topic Maps
Alexander Sigel M.A.

Using Topic Maps
Eric Freese