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Date:         Mon, 8 Dec 1997 10:37:32 CST
Reply-To: Boris Tobotras <tobotras@JET.MSK.SU>
From: Boris Tobotras <tobotras@JET.MSK.SU>
Subject:      Re: implementing TEI under Linux (Debian 1.3.1)


On Fri, 05 Dec 1997 10:12:29 CST, Martin Wheeler wrote:

> Debian 1.3.1 comes with a set of SGML-Tools (for the linuxdoc DTD) which
> I have installed and find useful -- one master document gives me eight
> different output formats -- now I should like to do the same with the
> TEI DTD.  Problem is, I'm none too sure exactly how to go about it.

Inspired by SGML-tools, I've written my set of scripts for producing
HTML, LaTeX (and PS and PDF via TeX) and RTF from TEI Lite DTD encoded
documents.  [See the main distribution
site for SGML-tools.]

> I already have catalogs and DTDs liberally scattered throughout the
> system; emacs + psgml suggest I put them in yet different locations; and
> I cannot make out where I need to put the various elements to provide
> myself with a working TEI markup environment. (Simple replacement
> doesn't work.)

Well, you can use all catalogs you have with SP-based tools: just list
all of them in SGML_CATALOG_FILES environment variable. Look to James
Clark's page (www.jclark.com), you'll find SP documentation there,
I believe.

> As a writer, not a professional SysAdmin, I have (probably) just enough
> smarts to kick it all into shape under guidance from someone who has
> been there already; but my attempts to roll my own are at the moment
> leading only to frustration and valuable time lost from marking up a
> rather large set of texts.

        Try mine.


 ...   http://xtalk.price.ru/SGML/TEItools
'xtalk.price.ru' is an alias, so I hope if there will be any future
movement, I'll be able to just point it to the right place.

        Best regards, -- Boris.
        "An NT server can be run by an idiot, and usually is." -- Tom Holub