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Most of the IPI Committee's published work has to do with the Telecommunications Interchange Markup (TIM, an SGML DTD) and the Telecommunications Electronic Document Delivery Package (TEDD).

The TCIF-IPI Committee does not endorse or recommend any tool or tool vendor. However, some of our members have developed and are willing to share tool-specific solutions implementing the TCIF guidelines. Click here for more information.

Electronic Document Distribution (TEDD) Package

TheTEDD archive contains the documentation of the TEDD packaging guidelines, covering the file-naming conventions, directory structure, and package identification you should use when delivering electronic documentation to telecom-industry trading partners. The TEDD documentation is itself in a TEDD package.

  • You will find its document identification file in the adm subdirectory.

  • The document text is in the mtext subdirectory.

  • The graphics are located in the tiff and gif subdirectories.

  • There is also a postscript version of the document in the cdoc subdirectory.

  • The lib directory contains the DocID DTD, for validating a document identification file.
TEDD Guidelines

Size: 875K


Size: 875K


Size: 627K

Interchange Markup (TIM)

TheTIM archive has the latest of three versions of the TIM DTD, plus related files.

  • tim.dtd is the reference version, with public identifier "-//USA/TCIF//DTD TIM-1//EN"

  • timm.hdr is a more readable version. It incorporates tcif.dcl, calstabl.dtd, tcif_kb.ent, and the 7 ISO entity sets referenced by the tim.dtd, to simplify processing with some applications. It also expands all parameter entity references within tim.dtd to their default values. This makes the DTD more readable but also removes the possibility of extending or modifying the DTD by normal means (since no extensions have yet been agreed upon, this may be seen as an advantage). The extra M is for "minimal." No public identifier is assigned to this file.

  • timm.dtd incorporates the same files as timm.hdr except for tcif.dcl, so it functions as a DTD the way applications expect. It also has parameter entities expanded to their defaults, but has all comments and extra white space removed so it can be retrieved over networks and loaded into applications in about 1/3 the time of the TIM DTD. Its public identifier is "-//USA/TCIF//DTD TIMM-1//EN"

  • Document producers are encouraged to reference TIMM for all documents that do not require any extensions to TIM, so that recipients will know that they can use default processing.

  • See the file tim_hist.txt for details of revisions.
TIM v1.1.10 (ASCII)

Size: 116K


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Size: 83K

TCIF-IPI Documentation

Electronic documentation for TEDD and TIM are available here free of charge as Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Paper copies of any TCIF guideline can be purchased from TCIF's Washington office, 202-434-8844.

TEDD 3.0 Manual (PDF)

Size: 281K
TIM Manual (PDF)

Size: 1.8M

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