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Oct. 7, 1996
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Texcel Announces Release 1.1 of Texcel Information Manager™

Latest release supports Windows and provides updated user interfaces to key functions.

Cambridge, MA - October 7, 1996 - Texcel International, a key player in the thriving compound document management market, has announced Release 1.1 of Texcel Information Manager™. Texcel Information Manager dramatically improves how organizations generate, manage, and deploy critical information by enabling information reuse and process improvement. It is the only scalable document management system that provides complete support for SGML.

The latest release of the system, which is now shipping, adds support for Windows NT and Windows 95. In addition, Release 1.1 updates several key functions, making them easier to use.

"With Release 1.1 we continue to meet the needs of our customers who are making strategic investments in SGML document management across their organizations," said Bruce Wolman, founder of Texcel International. "This means making it possible for more people to participate in the process of generating information, no matter what their skill level or their desktop platform."

Texcel Information Manager Release 1.1 introduces a graphical interface for viewing and editing SGML attributes and repository metadata. Attributes are qualifying information associated with SGML elements; metadata can be assigned to any object in the repository, including non-SGML documents. This information can be used for generating custom publications or views of information. For example, a textbook might be automatically assembled from material stored in the repository by selecting a set of criteria, such as grade level and curriculum requirements.

Alan Burns, Director of Custom Publishing and New Technology at ITP Nelson Canada, said that the new graphical attribute editor will be used to help generate custom publications more economically than with manual methods. "Release 1.1's graphical attribute editor will help us deliver a functional system to people who are skilled in their area of expertise, but not necessarily in how to use SGML," said Burns. Other Release 1.1 usability enhancements include a graphical query panel, which lets users easily build complex retrieval requests, as well as upgrades to the workflow module and collaborative authoring capabilities. Additional API functions were also included in the release.

Texcel Information Manager uses the nonproprietary SGML standard to describe the structure of a document. The system manages logical chunks of information—such as paragraphs, warnings, headings—as separate objects. These information elements can be stored once and deployed in numerous ways across different documents and in multiple formats—including print, Intranets and the World Wide Web.

Applications built into the system take advantage of the SGML-smart repository. These include check-in and check-out of documents and information components from the repository, electronic review, workflow management, automatic assembly of documents, and tools for creating custom publications. Texcel Information Manager runs on NT and UNIX servers, and supports UNIX, Windows 95, and Windows NT clients. Texcel Information Manager shipped in December of 1995 and is in use at sites in Canada, Europe, Japan, and the United States. Customers include world-renowned corporations in telecommunications, publishing, manufacturing, and computer-related industries, as well as government and defense.

Founded in 1991, Texcel International is a leading provider of SGML-smart information management software and services. The company has offices located throughout the United States and Europe, and is represented in Japan by NTT DATA Communications.

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