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TEI and XML in Digital Libraries

Two-Day Meeting. June 30-July 1, 1998
Sponsored by the Digital Library Federation
Location: Library of Congress

For more information and to register, please contact tei-dlf@umich.edu.

Purpose of Meeting

Why This is Important for Digital Libraries

Specific Issues to be Covered

  1. The application of TEI in library-based text encoding projects.
  2. The relationship(s) among the TEI header, MARC, and AACR2. Recommendations for common practice, best practice.
  3. Models for structural metadata in encoded-text projects. Recommendations for common practice, best practice.
  4. Ramifications of XML development on existing and future digital library encoded-text programs: Web delivery of encoded text; modifications to existing DTDs and standards (TEI, EAD, MARC, ISO 12083), etc.
  5. The representation of library-related issues in future TEI governance.
  6. Future governance and stability of the TEI.

Meeting Format

Day 1 - Morning

Day 1 - Afternoon

Day 2 - Morning

Day 2 - Afternoon