SGML: TEI P3 DTD subsets

TEI P3 DTD subsets

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 1997 17:31:53 -0500 (CDT)
From: Lou Burnard <>
Subject: Re: Problems with DIV2 tags

|Is there any shrink-wrap software that does use the DTD subset properly?
|Does anyone know if Framemaker does, for instance? or Author/Editor? Those
|are the ones I am considering for upgrade at this time.

I don't believe RulesBuilder or FrameMaker will handle DTD subsets in
the way you want. The solution I generally recommend people is to
pre-process the dtd into a single non-indirected (?!) form with a tool
such as Richard Light's dtd normaliser. This is free,  and available by
anonymous ftp from
It takes a file like this

<!DOCTYPE tei.2 SYSTEM "tei.2.dtd" [
<!ENTITY % TEI.spoken "INCLUDE">
<!ENTITY % TEI.extensions.ent SYSTEM "myents.dtd">
<!-- etc -->
and produces a dtd in which all parameter entities have been
resolved. Such a dtd can then be pased directly to RulesBuilder, or
its equivalent for the FrameMaker or WP products.

[Note: see]

If you want to be able to modify your dtd subset frequently, then you
need to use a tool which can process a dtd subset properly. Use SP pr

Lou Burnard