SGML: Problems with Panorama & and TEI-Lite

SGML: Problems with Panorama & and TEI-Lite

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Subject:      Re: Problems with Panorama & Victorian Women Writers Project
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Perry and everyone:

We ran into the same problem here at CETH; SoftQuad helped diagnose a
couple of problems, which are partly fixable. Check out the file at URL: for some
documentation. (If you have an interest in linking to this file, let us

Briefly, though: if the error is "DTD not found" it's because the first
time Panorama is installed on a Windows 95 machine, it does not
preconfigure Netscape (or Mosaic?) as the www browser. As a result it
doesn't know to go back to Netscape and ask to download the DTD. The fix
is to start Panorama and choose the "Web Browser" item from the
"Options" menu, where you may select the browser. Close Panorama; it
will remember the setting.

The other error you may get, an "Unexpected EOF," is harder to work
around, and apparently has to do with .dll files tripping over each
other. (Would someone from SoftQuad clarify if I've got it wrong?) Many
of us are listening carefully to rumors of Panorama 2.0's imminent

Hope this is a help--
Wendell Piez

On Sep 23,  3:04pm, C. Perry Willett wrote:
> Subject: Problems with Panorama & Victorian Women Writers Project
> I've gotten two messages in the past week reporting the same problem.
> People try to view the TEI-formatted files of the Victorian Women
> Writers Project, and Panorama reports that it cannot process the DTD.
> Everything works fine here at home; I've tried several different ways of
> viewing files, but I can't reproduce the problem, so I don't know what
> it might be.
> Could those of you with Panorama loaded attempt to view one of the texts
> at <URL> and let me know if it
> works?  (And if it doesn't, could you let me know all the steps you
> took?) Many thanks,
> Perry Willett
> Main Library
> Indiana University
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> >Date: Mon, 23 Sep 1996 13:56:38 -0700
> >From: Stephen Miller <>
> >To:
> >Subject: TEI Lite versions
> >
> >Downloading the first of your texts I received an error message that it
> >could not resolve the DTD : Panorama Free is distributed with the Tei
> >Lite DTD as of version 1.0 whereas your texts are being delivered with
> >1.6. You can press on past the error message and get a text but I am not
> >certain if what I get is what I should be getting...
> >
> >Stephen Miller
> >University of Glasgow
>-- End of excerpt from C. Perry Willett