tei2latex/tei2html 0.2 available

Title: ANNOUNCE: tei2latex/tei2html 0.2 available
Author: Jean Daniel Fekete 8208 <Jean-Daniel.Fekete@emn.fr>
Date: 22 Oct 1997 18:44:30 +0200


TEI2LATEX and TEI2HTML version 0.2 are now available at the following


It has several improvements, especially tei2html which can split a TEI
document into several linked html subdocuments.

It is still not well documented, especially configuration options,
although they can be used to translate full TEI documents into LaTeX
or HTML.

Here is the contents of the README file:

         tei2latex, tei2html: Two Perl5 Programs to Translate
              TEI Lite Documents into LaTeX2e and HTML documents

                             Version 0.2

                          Jean-Daniel Fekete
                      Ecole des Mines de Nantes



tei2latex is a program that translates a TEI Lite document into a
LaTeX2e document.

tei2html is a program that translates a TEI Lite document into a
HTML document.

The translation process can be configured in several ways for two
 . to enhance the default translation in case TEI Lite lacks
   information about the presentation (as in tables for instance)
 . to personalize the presentation of a document or a set of

By adding configuration files, tei2* can process full TEI documents.

This is an early version so don't be suprised to encounter bugs and
don't hesitate to suggest enhancements.

Copyright 1996 1997 (C) Jean-Daniel Fekete

Distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the file `COPYING' for
copying permission.

1  Acknowledgements

 *  The `sdata' conversion tables came Dtd Fragments made by Ken
MacLeod, who in turn copied it from GF. Here are Gary's
    acknowledgements for these:

 *  The NSGMLS output parser, `SGMLS.pm' and `sgmlspl, comes from 
    David Megginson.

     *  The tables for the conversion of ISOlat1 to "best" ASCII follow a
        system developed by Markus Kuhn.

     *  `ISOlat1.2tex' is based on a latin1 to TeX table by (I think) Peter

     *  Other TeX symbols were grabbed individually from numerous sources.

     *  ISOlat1 etc. are from the ISO.

     *  ISOgrk* and TEIgrk are from me, with the help of Yannis Haralambous.

2  Requirements

 *  Larry Wall's Perl5. ftp://ftp.metronet.com/perlinfo/source

 *  James Clark's SGMLS or SP; SP is preferred due to it's much better
    handling of document entities and general coolness. http://jclark.com

 *  David Megginson's SGMLS.PM. ftp://aix1.uottawa.ca/pub/dmeggins and

 *  LaTeX version 2e, available at several sites.  Babel version 3.5f or

3  Installation

Edit the Makefile and change the first lines according to the
comments.  Then type 

    make install

4 Using tei2latex

  tei2latex [-v [-v]] [-r] file.suffix
  tei2html [-v [-v]] [-r] [-ft] [-fi] [-split_gi DIV?] file.suffix

Only the following suffixes are understood yet:

 tei sgm sgml : TEI Lite documents

 nsgmls : Output of NSGMLS on a TEI Lite document

 -v is for verbose, 
 -r is to remove reference files
 -ft is to force the table of contents in the html file
 -fi is to force an index in the html file

  Jean-Daniel Fekete
  Ecole des Mines de Nantes
  La Chantrerie, 4 rue Alfred Kastler, 44070 Nantes Cedex 03, France
  Voice: +33-2-51-85-82-08 / Fax: +33-2-51-85-81-89
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