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The first version of tei2latex [0.1f, July 29, 1996] is available at the following url:

Here is the contents of the README file.

               tei2latex: A Perl5 Program to Translate
              TEI Lite Documents into LaTeX2e documents

                             Version 0.1
                          Jean-Daniel Fekete
                       Universite de Paris-Sud


tei2latex is a program that translates a TEI Lite document into a
LaTeX2e document.

The translation process can be configured in several ways for two
 . to enhance the default translation in case TEI Lite lacks
   information about the presentation (as in tables for instance)
 . to personalize the presentation of a document or a set of

This is an alpha version so don't be suprised to encounter bugs and
don't hesitate to suggest enhancements.

Copyright 1996 (C) Jean-Daniel Fekete

Distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the file `COPYING' for
copying permission.

1  Acknowledgements

 *  The `sdata' conversion tables came Dtd Fragments made by Ken
MacLeod, who in turn copied it from GF. Here are Gary's
    acknowledgements for these:

 *  The NSGMLS output parser, `' and `sgmlspl, comes from
    David Megginson.

     *  The tables for the conversion of ISOlat1 to "best" ASCII follow a
        system developed by Markus Kuhn.

     *  `ISOlat1.2tex' is based on a latin1 to TeX table by (I think) Peter

     *  Other TeX symbols were grabbed individually from numerous sources.

     *  ISOlat1 etc. are from the ISO.

2  Requirements

 *  Larry Wall's Perl5.

 *  James Clark's SGMLS or SP; SP is preferred due to it's much better
    handling of document entities and general coolness.

 *  David Megginson's SGMLS.PM. and

 *  LaTeX version 2e, available at several sites.

3  Installation

Edit the Makefile and change the first lines according to the
comments.  Then type

    make install

4 Using tei2latex

  tei2latex [-v] file.suffix

Only the following suffixes are understood yet:

 tei sgm sgml : TEI Lite documents

 nsgmls : Output of NSGMLS on a TEI Lite document


   ___       Jean-Daniel Fekete            www :
  /   \  /   LRI - Bat 490               email :
 /   _/ /    Universite de Paris-Sud     voice : +33 (1) 69 41 65 91
/__   \/    91 405 ORSAY Cedex - FRANCE  fax   : +33 (1) 69 41 65 86