Workshop on TEI DTD Extensions

From  Fri Sep  5 10:48:42 1997
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 1997 11:45:17 -0400
Subject: TEI DTD workshop


Request for Participation: Workshop on TEI DTD Extensions

A considerable number of projects have been using the TEI to encode primary
sources for some time. Many of us have found it necessary to extend the TEI
DTD in various ways, either to deal with idiosyncratic or unforeseen
content, or to accommodate particular methodological or analytical goals.
Now it's time to compare notes: have we all been inventing the same wheels?
are any of them rounder than others? is any standardization desirable or

The Brown University Women Writers Project proposes to sponsor a workshop
to address these issues. This workshop is intended to bring together
representatives from projects whose chief use of the TEI Guidelines is the
encoding of primary texts, and who have found it necessary to add
extensions to the TEI DTD. Its goal is to foster lively discussion of the
various projects' DTD modifications, particularly as they relate to
encoding methods and aims. We hope to compare the approaches taken by
different projects, discover whether their extensions are functionally
similar or dissimilar, and learn from each other's experience.

The workshop will take place at Brown University either immediately before
or immediately after the TEI 10 conference, at one of the two following

Friday November 14, 9:00-11:00 am
Sunday November 16, 1:00-3:00 pm

Refreshments will be served.

Those wishing to participate should indicate if either of these times is
impossible; we will schedule for maximum participation.

We ask that anyone wishing to participate in this workshop send a 2-3
paragraph statement of interest to by Monday October
20. This statement should include a brief description of your project, the
extensions you've made, and your motivations in doing so. To allow for
productive discussion, attendance will be limited to 10 participants. More
than one participant per project will be welcome if space permits. We will
confirm the list of participants by October 27.

Sydney Bauman, Programmer/Analyst
Julia Flanders, Textbase Editor
Women Writers Project
Brown University