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Text Encoding Initiative
Tenth Anniversary User Conference


Directions to the CIT building

Conference Overview and Schedule

Technical Program


Friday, November 14 -- Afternoon

Registration will take place before and during lunch on Friday in CIT 241.
12-1 CIT Board Room, CIT
1-2:30 pm Opening Remarks
CIT 143
2:30-3 pm Coffee and Refreshments Board Room, CIT
3-5 pm Paper Session 1 CIT 165
6-8 pm Opening Reception John Hay Library

The opening reception on Friday night will be hosted by the Brown University Library at the John Hay Library. The John Hay Library houses most of the University's rare books, manuscripts, special collections and archives.

Saturday, November 15 -- Morning

8-9 am Breakfast Board Room, CIT
9-10:30 am Paper Session 2 CIT 165
10:30-11 Coffee and Refreshments Board Room, CIT
11-12:30 Paper Session 3 CIT 165
12:30-2 Lunch Faculty Club

Saturday, November 15 -- Afternoon

2-3:30 pm Paper Session 4 CIT 165
3:30-4 Coffee and Refreshments Board Room, CIT
4-5:30 Paper Session 5 CIT 165
2:00-6:00 Software and Project Demos CIT 267 & 269
6:00-8:00 TEI Open Meeting: The Future of the TEI CIT 227
Dinner on your own

There will be a room with computers in it available so that participants may share their work and show off their projects.

Sunday, November 16 -- Morning

8-9 am Breakfast CIT Lobby
9-10:30 am Paper Session 6a
Paper Session 6b
CIT 165
10:30-11 Coffee and Refreshments CIT Lobby
11-12:30 Closing Session CIT 165

Opening Keynote (Friday, 1-2:30 PM)

Looking Back Thirty Years and Forward Three: Critical Themes in the Development of the Electronic Book
Andy van Dam, Brown University

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Session 1 (Friday, 3-5 PM)

Syd Bauman and Terry Catapano (Brown University, Rutgers College)
TEI and the Encoding of the Physical Structure of Books

David A. Smith (Tufts University)
Textual Variation and Version Control in the TEI

Gary Simons (Summer Institute of Linguistics)
Using architectural forms to map TEI data into an object-oriented

Nancy Ide, Tim McGraw and Chris Welty (Vassar College)
Representing TEI Documents in the CLASSIC Knowledge Representation

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Session 2 (Saturday, 9-10:30 AM)

Alan Morrison and Jakob Fix (Oxford University)
Delivering Electronic Texts Over the Web -- The Experiences and
Practices of the Oxford Text Archive

Janet Erickson (University of Michigan)
An SGML/HTML Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Library

LeeEllen Friedland (Library of Congress)
Do Digital Libraries Need the TEI? A View From the Trenches

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Session 3 (Saturday, 11:00 AM-12:30 PM)

Brad Eden (North Harris Montgomery Community College District)
Metadata, TEI, and the Academic Library Community: An Update

Michael Popham and Lou Burnard (Oxford University)
Putting our headers together

Daniel Greenstein (Kings College, London)
The TEI Header - a Metadata Package?

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Session 4 (Saturday, 2-3:30 PM)

Philip Resnik, Mari Broman Olsen, Mona Diab (University of Maryland)
Creating a Parallel Corpus from the Book of 2000 Tongues

Dominique Estival and Nick Nicholas (The University of Melbourne)
TEI Encoding and Syntacting Tagging of an Old French text

Richard Gartner and Lou Burnard (Oxford University)
A TEI extension for the description of medieval manuscripts

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Session 5 (Saturday, 4-5:30 PM)

Syd Bauman (Brown University)
Keying names: The WWP Approach

David J. Birnbaum and Mavis Cournane (University of Pittsburgh,
University College Cork)
Using the TEI Writing System Declaration

Steven DeRose (INSO Corporation)
The Relation Between TEI and XML

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Session 6a (Sunday, 9-10:30 AM)

David Chesnutt (University of South Carolina)
The Text Encoding Initiative and the Model Editions Partnership

Nicholas Finke (Center for Electronic Text in the Law)
TEI Extensions for Legal Text

John Lavagnino (Brown University)
What Not to Tag

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Session 6b (Sunday, 9-10:30 AM)

Derek Walker (Queens University)
Taking Snapshots of the Web with a TEI Camera

Laurent Romary (CRIN-CNRS & INRIA Lorraine)
Silfide: A System for Open Access and Distributed Delivery of TEI Encoded Documents

Erik van den Hout (Groningen University)
Independent Links - A Maintenance Advantage?

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Closing Keynote (Sunday, 11:00 AM-12:30 PM)

XML Ubiquity and the Scholarly Community
Jon Bosak, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Chair, W3C XML Work Group

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