SGML: TEI Workshop at DL'96

SGML: TEI Workshop at Digital Libraries '96

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Subject: CALL : TEI Workshop at DL'96
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                          * Call for Participation *


                    The Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines
                  Application to Building Digitial Libraries


                          Held in conjunction with

                            Digital Libraries'96
           First ACM International Conference On Digital Libraries


The Text Encoding Initiative's (TEI) Guidelines for Electronic Text
Encoding and Interchange provide an extensive SGML-based scheme for
encoding electronic texts across a wide spectrum of text types and suitable
for any kind of application. Released in spring of 1994, the Guidelines
have already achieved wide-scale implementation in projects throughout
North America and Europe. This workshop is intended to provide a forum for
technical discussion and evaluation of the TEI Guidelines, as they have so
far been implemented in real applications, particularly those which have
relevance for building digital libraries.

This call solicits papers for a one-day workshop, to be held in conjunction
with Digital Libraries '96. The program will consist of several paper
presentations together with substantial time for discussion.

Topics include but are not limited to:

- reports on the use of the TEI scheme for a particular application, with a
  focus on evaluation of the scheme to serve application needs

- technical discussion of particular encoding problems and (TEI or non-TEI)
  solutions, for example, handling unusual or complex text types, multi-
  media, multiple views or information types, multi-lingual data, etc.

- customization and extension of the TEI for particular applications and
  text types, including proposals for use in the building of digital

- assessment, evaluation of the TEI DTD architecture, especially as it
  serves the needs of building digital libraries

- technical and practical consideration for the design of tools to handle
  documents encoded using the TEI or SGML generally

We also invite participation in the workshop by those who may not present a
paper, but who wish to be involved in discussion.


Length     : 3000-5000 words
Due date   : February 15, 1996
Format     : Submitters should provide a URL where the submission can
             be retrieved for review, in any of the following
                 - HTML
                 - postscript
                 - TEI (use TEI Lite DTD)
Send to    :


Date       : Saturday, March 23, 1996
Time       : 9:30am to 3:30pm
Place      : Hyatt Regency Bethesda Hotel, Bethesda, Maryland, USA
             (site of DL'96).
Organizers : Nancy Ide, Vassar College, USA
             Judith Klavans, Columbia University, USA


     NOTE: For information about registration for the full DL'96 conference,
           which takes place on March 20-23 (inlcusive of workshops), please
           contact the address below.


Last Name    : _________________________________________________________
First Name   : _________________________________________________________
Title        : _________________________________________________________
Organization : _________________________________________________________
Address      : _________________________________________________________
City         : _________________________________________________________
State/Pvnce  : _________________________________________________________
Country      : _________________________________________________________
Zip          : _________________________________________________________
Telephone    : _________________________________________________________
Fax          : _________________________________________________________
Email        : _________________________________________________________
Special Needs (e.g., Dietary): _________________________________________


The TEI workshop fee is $50, which includes a box lunch.

Registration fees must accompany registration and be paid in full in U.S.
funds.  If payment is made by check or money order, make payable to

Enclose your Check or Money Order, or charge to AMEX, VISA, or MasterCard;
supply Credit Card Number, expiration date, and if sending via mail or fax,
cardholder signature.


ACM DL '96
University of Maryland
College of Library and Information Services
Hornbake Library Building, Room 4105
College Park, MD 20742-4345
Fax:  301-314-9145