SGML: Emacs/PSGML package for TEI documents

Emacs/PSGML package for TEI documents

From owner-tei-l@LISTSERV.UIC.EDU Mon Jun 30 10:40:58 1997
Date: Mon, 30 Jun 1997 10:27:29 -0500 (CDT)
From: Kevin Russell <krussll@cc.UManitoba.CA>
Subject: Emacs/PSGML package is ready


     The guinea pig has made it to the end of the maze.

     All the files you need to edit TEI texts with Emacs and PSGML can
be found at:

This includes the program files for Emacs, Lennart Staflin's PSGML
package, James Clark's Jade engine and SP parser, the official files for
the TEI (DTDs, entity files, WSDs), the catalogue files for making all
of the above run hopefully transparently, and a short tutorial.

     If everything works, you just have to download six files, put them
in a C:\TEI directory and type "teisetup".  Let me know if any of it
*doesn't* work.

     The present contents of the page are very impermanent.  The Emacs
files are a pre-release version of the soon-to-come version 19.34.3
(thanks to Andrew Innes for making them available).  When the 19.34.3 is
officially released, my page will just point to the official Emacs
server at the University of Washington for most of the downloading.
There will also naturally be bugs just waiting to be discovered in the
setup process and in the final directory structure.  If beeping
computers make you uncomfortable, you'll probably want to wait a couple
of weeks until things settle into a more stable form.  But for the more
daring, and the more desperate, my first attempt is there now.  I'd
really appreciate feedback on how to improve it.

     Thanks to everyone who helped put it together.

Kevin Russell
Linguistics, University of Manitoba