XML-compliant version of TIM (2.1.1)

From owner-tcif-ipi@lists.atis.org Mon Apr 20 10:21:01 1998
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 1998 11:01:06 -0400
From: dfp@bert.ims.bellcore.com (Don Pratt(IMS))
Subject: TIM 2.1.1, Admonishments proposal and conference call



1. An approved XML-compliant version of TIM (2.1.1) is now available at:




  (always include at least the TCIF when you try to open this location)

You need the new calstbl2.dtd to go with it. tim2.hdr, the
all-in-one no-need-to-call-any-external-files version, cannot
be made both SGML- and XML-compatible. If anyone wants one or
the other, I can make them, but I haven't yet.

Special note: Concern was expressed at the meeting that the final
version of XLink might not allow user-defined attribute names (as
with our <urlref>'s "url" attribute in place of "href"). So I changed
the default name of that attribute to "href". But then, so I wouldn't
have to get another round of approvals for another "minor upgrade," I
added a switch so that you can process legacy files with "url".

2. The draft letter to TCIF members proposing a full-membership effort
to develop a guideline on admonishments (safety messages) is available
on the same two sites:


The goal is to get the letter out next week and set up an open
session at the Full Forum meeting in June. A conference call to
go over the wording of the letter and the content of the "straw
man proposal" it contains is set for this Thursday, April 23, at
10 am EDT, 9 Central, 8 Mountain, 7 Pacific.

. . .