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Synex Information announces XML and WebSGML Adapations support in Synex ViewPort™

Synex ViewPort version 2.0 release 12 supports essential features needed for XML processing and browsing.

Washington D.C. December 9, 1997. Synex Information AB announced today initial support for XML and the WebSGML Adaptations in version 2.0 release 12 of the Synex ViewPort browser engine.

"We are pleased to announce that Synex ViewPort is now enabled for XML and the WebSGML Adaptations, and will support XML in full as the specification is finalized" says Hasse Haitto, President of Synex Information AB. "As XML is still work in progress, we are making this new functionality available as a proof of our commitment to SGML/XML, and in response to customer demand. This version is shipping in mid-December."

The new functionality includes browsing without a DTD, handling the dual syntax for empty elements, support for constructs regarding attribute, notation, and element handling. It also covers predefined entities, the new processing instruction close delimiter, support for the XML-SPACE attribute, and hexadecimal character references, etc.

About Synex Information AB

Synex Information AB is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Its flagship product Synex ViewPort is the world’s leading SGML/HyTime browser toolkit. The company was founded 1993 as a result of years of research and development at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and is now represented by resellers throughout Europe, North-America, and Asia. For more information, please visit the company world wide web site at http://www.synex.se. Synex Information is a member of SGML Open.

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