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DynaWeb Serves Sybase's Large, Media-Rich Documents to Any Web Browser

Providence, RI, June 3, 1996--EBT today announced that Sybase, a worldwide leader in client/server and Internet software and services, is providing product documentation to its customers on the World-Wide Web using EBT's DynaWeb(tm) server software. Sybase's Web publishing effort, dubbed "SyBooks(tm)-on- the-Web," includes full, interactive product documentation for its SQL Server(tm) System 11(tm) product release, as well as its Open Client/Server(tm) offerings. To see DynaWeb in action, visit the Sybase Website at http://cobweb.sybase.com:8011 or at http://www.sybase.com, and click on "What's New" and then "Sybooks-on-the-Web."

SyBooks is a family of CD-ROM-based documentation for Sybase products. SyBooks is published using EBT's DynaText(tm) CD-ROM browser. The SyBooks Project was developed with one primary goal: to boost customer satisfaction by providing easier and faster access to quality documentation than ever before possible. With SyBooks-on-the-Web, Sybase customers, using any Web browser, now have even greater access to product documentation and updates than is possible with regular CD-ROM shipments.

Instead of re-authoring all of its CD-ROM manuals for Web delivery in HyperText Markup Language (HTML) format, Sybase uses DynaWeb to convert existing Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML)-based SyBooks CD-ROM product documentation into HTML as it is requested by diverse Web clients.

"We deployed EBT's DynaText solution a few years ago to deliver our product documentation on CD-ROM, when the Web was only a glimmer in our eye," said Steve Goodman, Sybase's Director of Information Products. "However, as the Web became an important information delivery channel, EBT's DynaWeb enabled Sybase to get our information on the Web immediately, without the need to create redundant Web publishing content or a process based on HTML." Continues Goodman, "HTML is good for short documents, but doesn't provide the depth of structure and stability needed to manage expensive, large documents such as product documentation. DynaWeb is extremely effective at working within the constraints of HTML and delivering information on the Web, while maintaining the structure necessary in our large source documents."

"By using our 'publish once, delivery many' solution, Sybase completely avoids the need to set-up and maintain different content and publishing processes for each different publishing medium, while at the same time affording their customers with state-of-the-art support for their products," said Kent Summers, EBT Director of Marketing. "Our solution is designed to enable Sybase to adapt easily to changes on the Web or to quickly accommodate new publishing opportunities as they emerge. We're very pleased that Sybase is enjoying positive customer feedback with our products," continued Summers.

The DynaWeb software running on Sybase's server automatically generates all Table of Contents (TOC) directly from the hierarchical structure of existing DynaText electronic books. Only when a selected TOC fragment is actually being downloaded to the Web browser, is the SGML content translated into HTML. DynaWeb also enables Web browsers to perform much more sophisticated searching than is supported by HTML by providing access to the DynaText search engine for fulltext, Boolean, proximity, wildcard, and SGML structure-aware searching.

Tables in Sybase's source SGML documents are currently served to Web clients using a version of the HTML 3.0 table model. As this model is refined, Sybase can change the output of the DynaWeb server to match revisions of HTML in a matter of minutes.

DynaWeb, which recently won the Seybold Editors' Technology Trailblazer Award, is highly customizable, cross-platform Web server software for publishing large, media-rich documents to diverse Web browsers. DynaWeb is a "dynamic" Web publishing solution serving different dialects of HTML on-the-fly to support rapid change on the Web. DynaWeb is an ideal solution for publishing large documents to multiple Web clients -- each with different content requirements. DynaWeb provides powerful searching and navigation features to enable Web clients to locate relevant information quickly and easily in large document collections. In addition, DynaWeb provides a robust set of controls to satisfy the most rigorous of custom publishing requirements.

For more information on DynaWeb, visit http://www.ebt.com/docs/dynavers.html.


Headquartered in Emeryville, Calif., Sybase, Inc. is a worldwide leader in client/server software. The company's two major product units - - the Enterprise Business Group and the Powersoft Business Group -- are focused on the core market segments of on-line transaction processing, data warehousing, mass deployment and electronic commerce. Sybase's software products -- databases, middleware and tools -- provide customers with enterprise-to-desktop solutions. The company's mission is to provide its customers with an open, adaptable information systems architecture that enables them to develop and deliver complete information systems solutions to facilitate rapid business change. With revenues in 1995 of $957 million, Sybase is the sixth largest independent software company in the world. The company's Internet addresses are www.sybase.com and www.powersoft.com.


EBT is a leading provider of standards-based online publishing solutions for the corporate and commercial publishing market. Founded in Providence, R.I. in 1989, EBT is a privately held corporation providing software and services for managing and publishing electronic content on all media, including the World-Wide Web and CD-ROM. EBT recently announced the DynaBase Web Management System, a complete, easy-to-use Web management system for corporate and commercial Webmasters who require robust management, development and production tools for Web site publishing. EBT is a founding member of the MIT World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and can be contacted at http://www.ebt.com or (401) 421-9550.

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