SoftQuad SGML World Tour

The SGML Resource on CD-ROM

SoftQuad SGML World Tour contains everything you need to know to unlock the world of SGML: its present uses and resources, its history, and its role in the future. SGML World Tour tells you about SGML and also demonstrates the advantages of SGML for flexible, efficient information management.

The SGML World Tour CD showcases the write-once, use-many power of SGML. On the CD-ROM, you'll see information that was created in a single set of SGML source files and produced for four different operating systems: UNIX, DOS, Microsoft Windows, and Apple Macintosh. The SGML-based content can also be output to Braille and computer voice.

SoftQuad SGML World Tour


The content of this CD reference has been planned with everyone in mind: the timid beginner, the confident advanced user, the corporate decision maker, even the just plain curious.

For the beginner

The first stop on your tour is entitled "Starting to understand SGML." Here you will find long and short overviews, general introductions to SGML from the foremost publications on the standard, a history of SGML's development, as well as summaries of the most important SGML-related discoveries, announcements, and events through reprints of "The SGML Year in Review" from 1990-1993. There is a frequently asked questions section, as well as tutorials on getting started in SGML. To immerse yourself in the jargon of SGML visit the CD's glossaries and acronym list.

For the advanced user

The CD devotes a lengthy chapter to advanced users of SGML. This chapter not only examines in-depth issues such as document analysis and getting content into SGML, but for the first time anywhere, it houses the complete collection of postings to the Internet's comp.text.sgml group. Other chapters of interest on the CD are those on HyTime and on the future of SGML and the Information Highway.

For the decision maker

SoftQuad's SGML World Tour provides the busy executive with the choice of either a one or a five minute overview of SGML, as well as the article, "What Every CIO Should Know About SGML" and frequently asked questions. SGML World Tour puts the SGML World in perspective with articles about the history of SGML, related standards such as HyTime, and the future of SGML and its role on the Information Superhighway. The CD includes instant print request forms for more information from SoftQuad or the GCA (Graphics Communication Association).

For the curious

SoftQuad SGML World Tour touches on every aspect of SGML, making it the perfect resource for the curious. Sites on your tour should include: frequently asked questions, SGML's history, the SGML year in review series, SGML and the future, and the HyTime and Resources chapters. You may also find the Serendipity section-full of humorous SGML anecdotes-enlightening and entertaining.

Touring the World of SGML

The first screen of your tour is the graphical World Tour Map, hyperlinked to all nine chapters on the disc. You can access any chapter simply by clicking on the appropriate section of the map.

The disc contains nine chapters:

1. Starting to Understand SGML Articles from many sources, including the SGML Handbook and the SGML Primer. These articles introduce SGML from historical, philosophical, technical, and business perspectives.

2. Frequently Asked Questions SGML experts answer some of the more frequently-asked questions about SGML, giving users a unique introduction to SGML.

3. Starting to Use SGML The basics of designing SGML applications. A practical guide with tutorials.

4. For more Advanced Readers Articles expanding the themes touched on in previous chapters. In addition, the Windows version of the SGML World Tour has the entire contents (to March 1994) of the Internet news group devoted to SGML-entirely hypertext linked, using HyTime, the ISO Standard for Hypertext and Multimedia.

5. Introducing HyTime Introductory, theoretical, and practical articles discussing HyTime and HyQ query language.

6. Subdirectories of Resources DTDs, background materials, and sample files where available. These resources are available for a variety of initiatives such as aerospace, computer vendors, and the office. 7. SGML and the Information Superhighway Read about the future of SGML and the role it will play in the information superhighway of tomorrow. Also take a look at our tongue-in-cheek collection of information superhighway metaphors.

8. Glossaries of Jargon and Techno-Speak, and over 550 Acronyms This world tour of SGML would not be complete without a comprehensive guide to the most current terms and phrases used along the information superhighway. Included are numerous glossaries and a master list of over 550 acronyms.

9. Index of SGML Resources The disc is only the beginning of your adventure into the world of SGML. This section of the World Tour tells you where to turn for more-how to contact SGML-related organizations, how to find books and periodicals, and how to access software and services.

Serendipity You will find diversions along your tour that will take you to amusing and anecdotal information. This information comprises the Serendipity file on your directory.

Pricing and Availability

The SoftQuad SGML World Tour CD-ROM is available for Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, Apple Macintosh, and UNIX (Sun/SPARC). These files can also be output to Braille and computer voice. The CD-ROM is free but there is a $20 charge for shipping and handling.