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SQRIBE Advances Use of XML as Standard for Application Integration in Enterprise Portal Environments

XML Capabilities Now Shipping in SQRIBE Enterprise

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- April 12, 1999 -- SQRIBE Technologies, The Enterprise Reporting Company™, today announced that its ReportMart Enterprise Information Portal™ will use the Extensible Markup Language (XML) as the open standard for integrating enterprise portals with third-party applications and data sources. The announcement, which expands on ReportMart's existing built-in XML support, marks an important milestone in the nascent portal market by addressing the corporate requirement for a neutral interchange format between disparate data sources -- such as ERP systems, data warehouses, business intelligence applications, desktop applications, and live Web feeds.

SQRIBE pioneered the development of enterprise portals, which have emerged as a new class of business intelligence applications aimed at consolidating decision support information on corporate intranets. The portal serves as a window, providing transparent access to business information generated by various applications and stored in a central repository, as well as to analytic tools, and to the applications themselves for dynamic execution of reports. SQRIBE's ReportMart portal has generated broad interest in the corporate IT community, with scores of companies worldwide -- such as BankAmerica, BP Oil, Emery Worldwide, Long Drugs, and Transamerica -- adopting SQRIBE as the core of their enterprise portal initiatives.

SQRIBE's expanded use of XML will enable corporate intranet developers and IT organizations to accelerate portal deployments by ensuring portals will integrate seamlessly within existing IT infrastructures. For example the XML interface will be used to support the process of moving large quantities of reporting information into SQRIBE's portal environment from external sources such as ERP systems. XML is also the mechanism for mass replication of metadata information, such as account, group, and category hierarchies, that resides in ERP systems and other enterprise applications.

The first product to use this XML extensibility is SQRIBE's RM/QuickConnect for PeopleSoft, a new integration module for the SQRIBE ReportMart portal and PeopleSoft. RM/QuickConnect, which was announced and shipped today, simplifies and accelerates the process of creating a secure, flexible infrastructure for providing self-service access to PeopleSoft reports and other enterprise information via a familiar portal interface. RM/QuickConnect for PeopleSoft uses XML to create a single point of access to PeopleSoft reports and other enterprise information, regardless of what tool was used to create the report (e.g. SQR, Crystal, nVision) or what format it's in (.lis, .spf, html, .xls, .pdf, and others).

The ReportMart portal is the only Web-based information delivery solution certified by PeopleSoft. The ReportMart API enabling RM/QuickConnect also provides the ability for third-party vendors to generate the XML-based descriptions based on their application definitions. This plug-and-play leverages administrative work already performed deploying those applications. The lower administrative cost also speeds ReportMart deployment.

"ReportMart's built-in support for XML is a strategic advantage over other first-generation portal products, given that XML is becoming an important enabler to making the extended enterprise a reality," said John Schroeder, senior vice president of products for SQRIBE. "While in the future we will see browsers supporting XML for page description, today SQRIBE takes advantage of XML as a standard, extensible interface for inter- and intra-application communication."

Schroeder added, "This latest advance means that companies will not only be able to get their portals up and running quickly, but as other operational applications -- such as ERP and front-office automation systems -- become more able to consume XML data streams, companies will be in a better position to use extranet portals for sharing decision support information with partners, suppliers, and customers. The ReportMart portal goes beyond conventional intranet and extranet applications by providing an infrastructure that is secure, open, robust, and scalable while allowing for mass personalization of how people view information that is most relevant to their jobs."

About SQRIBE Technologies
SQRIBE Technologies, The Enterprise Reporting Company™, is a leader in the rapidly expanding enterprise reporting market. SQRIBE's vision is to provide the high-return enterprise reporting solution for the Web-enabled business, enabling companies to improve the quality and speed of decision making at every level of the organization. The company's flagship product, SQRIBE Enterprise™, is an integrated solution designed to leverage a company's investment in data warehouses, ERP systems, and other software, hardware, and networking infrastructure technologies. SQRIBE Enterprise consists of four key components: SQR Enterprise Reporting Server; VisualSQRIBE Interactive Report Builder; ReportMart Enterprise Information Portal™ (for Web-based information delivery), and PowerSQRIBE Visual Query and Analysis.

SQRIBE Technologies has thousands of customers worldwide, including half of the Fortune 500. Leading commercial application providers, such as PeopleSoft (PSFT) and PSDI Maximo (PSDI), also integrate SQRIBE technology into their solutions. The privately held company is based in Redwood City, Calif., with regional headquarters in London, Munich, Paris, and Sydney.

The company recently announced its plans to be acquired by Brio Technology (BRYO), with completion of the acquisition slated for mid-year 1999 (see related press release dated February 23, 1999, "Brio Technology to Acquire SQRIBE Technologies").

Information about SQRIBE, its products, and the Brio acquisition can be found on the World Wide Web at www.sqribe.com.

SQRIBE Technologies Corp., the SQRIBE logo, The Enterprise Reporting Company, Enterprise Information Portal, VisualSQRIBE, and PowerSQRIBE are registered trademarks or trademarks of SQRIBE Technologies.

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