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List of symbols

This file has two parts. Part I lists translation of SGML symbols codes for Preview Journals Service, part II lists all symbol entities used by Springer-Verlag.

Part I

SGML     | converted to string
entity   |
-------- | -------------------
á | a
Á | A
â  | a
  | A
Æ  | AE
&agr;    | alpha
&Agr;    | Alpha
à | a
À | A
&    | &
'   | '
å  | a
Å  | A
*    | *
ã | a
à | A
ä   | ae
Ä   | Ae
&bgr;    | beta
&Bgr;    | Beta
␣  | (blank)
\   | \
⁁  | ^  (Ascii 94)
ç | c
Ç | C
:  | :
,  | ,
@ | @
✗  | +
‐   | -
°    | degree
&dgr;    | delta
&Dgr;    | Delta
÷ | /
$ | $
é | e
É | E
ê  | e
Ê  | E
&eegr;   | eta
&EEgr;   | Eta
&egr;    | epsilon
&Egr;    | Epsilon
è | e
È | E
  | (blank)
  | (blank)
    | (blank)
    | (blank)
= | =
&etilde; | e
&Etilde; | E
ë   | e
Ë   | E
!   | !
≥     | >=
&ggr;    | gamma
&Ggr;    | Gamma
>     | >
  | (blank)
… | ...
‐ | -
í | i
Í | I
î  | i
Î  | I
&igr;    | iota
&Igr;    | Iota
ì | i
Ì | I
ï   | i
Ï   | I
&kgr;    | kappa
&Kgr;    | Kappa
&khgr;   | chi
&KHgr;   | Chi
&lang;   | <
&lcub;   | {
&ldquo;  | "
&ldquor; | "
&le;     | <=
&lgr;    | lambda
&Lgr;    | Lambda
&lowbar; | _
&lpar;   | (
&lsqb;   | [
&lsquo;  | '
&lsquor; | '
&lt;     | <
&mdash;  | -
&mgr;    | mu
&Mgr;    | Mu
&minus;  | -
&mldr;   | ...
&ndash;  | -
&ne;     | <>
&ngr;    | ny
&Ngr;    | Ny
&nldr;   | ..
&ntilde; | n
&num;    | #
&numsp;  | (blank)
&oacute; | o
&Oacute; | O
&oauml;  | oe
&ocirc;  | o
&Ocirc;  | O
&oelig;  | oe
&Oelig;  | Oe
&ogr;    | omicron
&Ogr;    | Omicron
&ograve; | o
&Ograve; | O
&ohgr;   | omega
&OHgr;   | Omega
&oilde;  | o
&oslash; | o
&Oslash; | O
&Otilde; | O
&Ouml;   | Oe
&percnt; | %
&period; | .
&pgr;    | pi
&Pgr;    | Pi
&phgr;   | phi
&Phgr;   | Phi
&plus;   | +
&Prime;  | "
&prime;  | '
&psgr;   | psi
&PSgr;   | Psi
&puncsp; | (blank)
&quest;  | ?
&quot;   | "
&rang;   | >
&rcub;   | }
&rdquo;  | "
&rdquor; | "
&rgr;    | rho
&Rgr;    | Rho
&rpar;   | )
&rsqb;   | ]
&rsquo;  | '
&rsquor; | '
&semi;   | ;
&sfgr;   | sigma
&sgr;    | sigma
&Sgr;    | Sigma
&sol;    | /
&szlig;  | ss
&tgr;    | tau
&Tgr;    | Tau
&thgr;   | theta
&THgr;   | Theta
&thinsp; | (blank)
&times;  | *
&uacute; | u
&Uacute; | U
&ucirc;  | u
&Ucirc;  | U
&ugr;    | upsilon
&Ugr;    | Upsilon
&ugrave; | u
&Ugrave; | U
&uilde;  | u
&Utilde; | U
&Uuml;   | Ue
&uuml;   | ue
&verbar; | |
&xgr;    | xi
&Xgr;    | Xi
&yacute; | y
&Yacute; | Y|
&yuml;   | y
&Yuml;   | Y
&zgr;    | zeta
&Zgr;    | Zeta

Part II

Lists in alphabetical order all symbol entities defined in the following


(C) International Organization for Standardization 1991
    Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with
    conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in
    ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.

&Aacgr;    * capital Alpha, accent, Greek
&aacgr;    * small alpha, accent, Greek
&Aacute;   * A, acute accent
&aacute;   * a, acute accent
&Abreve;   * A, breve
&abreve;   * a, breve
&ac;       * most positive
&acd;      * ac current
&acE;      * most positive, two lines below
&Acirc;    * capital A, circumflex accent
&acirc;    * small a, circumflex accent
&acute;    * acute accent
&AElig;    * capital AE diphthong (ligature)
&aelig;    * small ae diphthong (ligature)
&afr;      * /frak a, lower case a
&Afr;      * /frak A, upper case a
&Agr;      * capital Alpha, Greek
&agr;      * small alpha, Greek
&Agrave;   * A, grave accent
&agrave;   * small a, grave accent
&aleph;    * /aleph aleph, Hebrew
&alpha;    * /alpha small alpha, Greek
&Amacr;    * capital A, macron
&amacr;    * small a, macron
&amalg;    * /amalg B: amalgamation or coproduct
&amp;      * ampersand
&and;      * /wedge /land B: logical and
&And;      * dbl logical and
&andand;   * two logical and
&andd;     * and, horizontal dash
&andslope; * large and
&andv;     * and with middle stem
&ang;      * /angle - angle
&ange;     * angle, equal
&angmsd;   * /measuredangle - angle-measured
&angmsdaa; * angle-measured, arrow, up, right
&angmsdab; * angle-measured, arrow, up, left
&angmsdac; * angle-measured, arrow, down, right
&angmsdad; * angle-measured, arrow, down, left
&angmsdae; * angle-measured, arrow, right, up
&angmsdaf; * angle-measured, arrow, left, up
&angmsdag; * angle-measured, arrow, right, down
&angmsdah; * angle-measured, arrow, left, down
&angrt;    * right (90 degree) angle
&angrtvb;  * right angle-measured
&angrtvbd; * right angle-measured, dot
&angsph;   * /sphericalangle angle-spherical
&angst;    * Angstrom capital A, ring
&angzarr;  * angle with down zig-zag arrow
&Aogon;    * capital A, ogonek
&aogon;    * small a, ogonek
&Aopf;     * /Bbb A, open face A
&ap;       * /approx R: approximate
&apacir;   * approximate, circumflex accent
&ape;      * /approxeq R: approximate, equals
&apE;      * approximately equal or equal to
&apid;     * approximately identical to
&apos;     * apostrophe
&Aring;    * capital A, ring
&aring;    * small a, ring
&ascr;     * /scr a, script letter a
&Ascr;     * /scr A, script letter A
&ast;      * /ast B: = asterisk
&asymp;    * /asymp R: asymptotically equal to
&Atilde;   * capital A, tilde
&atilde;   * small a, tilde
&Auml;     * capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark
&auml;     * small a, dieresis or umlaut mark
&awconint; * contour integral, anti-clockwise
&awint;    * anti clock-wise integration
&Barv;     * vert, dbl bar (over)
&barvee;   * bar, vee
&barwed;   * /barwedge B: logical and, bar above
&Barwed;   * /doublebarwedge B: log and, dbl bar above
&bbrk;     * bottom square bracket
&bbrktbrk; * bottom above top square bracket
&bcong;    * /backcong R: reverse congruent
&becaus;   * /because R: because
&bemptyv;  * reversed circle, slash
&bepsi;    * /backepsilon R: such that
&bernou;   * Bernoulli function (script capital B)
&beta;     * /beta small beta, Greek
&beth;     * /beth - beth, Hebrew
&bfr;      * /frak b, lower case b
&Bfr;      * /frak B, upper case b
&Bgr;      * capital Beta, Greek
&bgr;      * small beta, Greek
&blank;    * significant blank symbol
&blk12;    * 50% shaded block
&blk14;    * 25% shaded block
&blk34;    * 75% shaded block
&block;    * full block
&bne;      * reverse not equal
&bnequiv;  * reverse not equivalent
&bNot;     * reverse not with two horizontal strokes
&bnot;     * reverse not
&Bopf;     * /Bbb B, open face B
&bottom;   * /bot bottom
&bowtie;   * /bowtie R:
&boxbox;   * two joined squares
&bprime;   * /backprime - reverse prime
&breve;    * breve
&brvbar;   * broken (vertical) bar
&bscr;     * /scr b, script letter b
&Bscr;     * /scr B, script letter B
&bsemi;    * reverse semi-colon
&bsim;     * /backsim R: reverse similar
&bsime;    * /backsimeq R: reverse similar, eq
&bsol;     * /backslash = reverse solidus
&bsolb;    * reverse solidus in square
&bsolhsub; * reverse solidus, subset
&bull;     * /bullet B: = round bullet, filled
&bump;     * /Bumpeq R: bumpy equals
&bumpe;    * /bumpeq R: bumpy equals, equals
&bumpE;    * bump, equals
&Cacute;   * capital C, acute accent
&cacute;   * small c, acute accent
&Cap;      * /Cap /doublecap B: dbl intersection
&cap;      * /cap B: intersection
&capand;   * intersection, and
&capbrcup; * intersection, bar, union
&capcap;   * intersection, intersection, joined
&capcup;   * intersection above union
&capdot;   * intersection, with dot
&caps;     * intersection, serifs
&caret;    * caret (insertion mark)
&caron;    * caron
&ccaps;    * closed intersection, serifs
&Ccaron;   * capital C, caron
&ccaron;   * small c, caron
&Ccedil;   * capital C, cedilla
&ccedil;   * small c, cedilla
&Ccirc;    * capital C, circumflex accent
&ccirc;    * small c, circumflex accent
&Cconint;  * triple contour integral operator
&ccups;    * closed union, serifs
&ccupssm;  * closed union, serifs, smash product
&Cdot;     * capital C, dot above
&cdot;     * small c, dot above
&cedil;    * cedilla
&cemptyv;  * circle, slash, small circle above
&cent;     * cent sign
&cfr;      * /frak c, lower case c
&Cfr;      * /frak C, upper case c
&check;    * /checkmark = tick, check mark
&chi;      * /chi small chi, Greek
&cir;      * /circ B: = circle, open
&circ;     * circumflex accent
&cire;     * /circeq R: circle, equals
&cirE;     * circle, two horizontal stroked to the right
&cirfnint; * circulation function
&cirmid;   * circle, mid below
&cirscir;  * circle, small circle to the right
&clubs;    * /clubsuit = club suit symbol
&Colon;    * /Colon, two colons
&colon;    * /colon P:
&colone;   * /coloneq R: colon, equals
&Colone;   * double colon, equals
&comma;    * P: = comma
&commat;   * commercial at
&comp;     * /complement - complement sign
&compfn;   * /circ B: composite function (small circle)
&cong;     * /cong R: congruent with
&congdot;  * congruent, dot
&conint;   * /oint L: contour integral operator
&Conint;   * double contour integral operator
&Copf;     * /Bbb C, open face C
&coprod;   * /coprod L: coproduct operator
&copy;     * copyright sign
&copysr;   * sound recording copyright sign
&cross;    * ballot cross
&cscr;     * /scr c, script letter c
&Cscr;     * /scr C, script letter C
&csub;     * subset, closed
&csube;    * subset, closed, equals
&csup;     * superset, closed
&csupe;    * superset, closed, equals
&ctdot;    * /cdots, three dots, centered
&cudarrl;  * left, curved, down arrow
&cudarrr;  * right, curved, down arrow
&cuepr;    * /curlyeqprec R: curly eq, precedes
&cuesc;    * /curlyeqsucc R: curly eq, succeeds
&cularr;   * /curvearrowleft A: left curved arrow
&cularrp;  * curved left arrow with plus
&Cup;      * /Cup /doublecup B: dbl union
&cup;      * /cup B: union or logical sum
&cupbrcap; * union, bar, intersection
&cupcap;   * union above intersection
&cupcup;   * union, union, joined
&cupdot;   * union, with dot
&cupor;    * union, or
&cups;     * union, serifs
&curarr;   * /curvearrowright A: rt curved arrow
&curarrm;  * curved right arrow with minus
&curren;   * general currency sign
&cuvee;    * /curlyvee B: curly logical or
&cuwed;    * /curlywedge B: curly logical and
&cwconint; * contour integral, clockwise
&cwint;    * clockwise integral
&cylcty;   * cylindricity
&dagger;   * /dagger B: dagger relation
&Dagger;   * /ddagger B: double dagger relation
&dagger;   * /dagger B: = dagger
&Dagger;   * /ddagger B: = double dagger
&daleth;   * /daleth - daleth, Hebrew
&dArr;     * /Downarrow A: down dbl arrow
&Darr;     * down two-headed arrow
&darr;     * /downarrow A: = downward arrow
&dash;     * hyphen (true graphic)
&dashv;    * /dashv R: dash, vertical
&Dashv;    * dbl dash, vertical
&dblac;    * double acute accent
&Dcaron;   * capital D, caron
&dcaron;   * small d, caron
&ddarr;    * /downdownarrows A: two down arrows
&DDotrahd; * right arrow with dotted stem
&deg;      * degree sign
&Delta;    * /Delta capital Delta, Greek
&delta;    * /delta small delta, Greek
&demptyv;  * circle, slash, bar above
&dfisht;   * down fish tail
&dfr;      * /frak d, lower case d
&Dfr;      * /frak D, upper case d
&Dgr;      * capital Delta, Greek
&dgr;      * small delta, Greek
&dHar;     * down harpoon-left, down harpoon-right
&dharl;    * /downharpoonleft A: dn harpoon-left
&dharr;    * /downharpoonright A: down harpoon-rt
&diam;     * /diamond B: open diamond
&diams;    * /diamondsuit = diamond suit symbol
&die;      * dieresis
&disin;    * set membership, long horizontal stroke
&divide;   * /div B: = divide sign
&divonx;   * /divideontimes B: division on times
&dlcorn;   * /llcorner O: lower left corner
&dlcrop;   * downward left crop mark
&dollar;   * dollar sign
&Dopf;     * /Bbb D, open face D
&Dot;      * dieresis or umlaut mark
&dot;      * dot above
&DotDot;   * four dots above
&drcorn;   * /lrcorner C: lower right corner
&drcrop;   * downward right crop mark
&dscr;     * /scr d, script letter d
&Dscr;     * /scr D, script letter D
&dsol;     * solidus, bar above
&Dstrok;   * capital D, stroke
&dstrok;   * small d, stroke
&dtdot;    * /ddots, three dots, descending
&dtri;     * /triangledown = down triangle, open
&dtrif;    * /blacktriangledown = dn tri, filled
&duarr;    * down arrow, up arrow
&duhar;    * down harp, up harp
&dwangle;  * large downward pointing angle
&dzigrarr; * right long zig-zag arrow
&Eacgr;    * capital Epsilon, accent, Greek
&eacgr;    * small epsilon, accent, Greek
&Eacute;   * capital E, acute accent
&eacute;   * small e, acute accent
&easter;   * equal, asterisk above
&Ecaron;   * capital E, caron
&ecaron;   * small e, caron
&ecir;     * /eqcirc R: circle on equals sign
&Ecirc;    * capital E, circumflex accent
&ecirc;    * small e, circumflex accent
&ecolon;   * /eqcolon R: equals, colon
&eDDot;    * /ddotseq R: equal with four dots
&eDot;     * /doteqdot /Doteq R: eq, even dots
&Edot;     * capital E, dot above
&edot;     * small e, dot above
&EEacgr;   * capital Eta, accent, Greek
&eeacgr;   * small eta, accent, Greek
&EEgr;     * capital Eta, Greek
&eegr;     * small eta, Greek
&efDot;    * /fallingdotseq R: eq, falling dots
&efr;      * /frak e, lower case e
&Efr;      * /frak E, upper case e
&eg;       * equal-or-greater
&Egr;      * capital Epsilon, Greek
&egr;      * small epsilon, Greek
&Egrave;   * capital E, grave accent
&egrave;   * small e, grave accent
&egs;      * /eqslantgtr R: equal-or-gtr, slanted
&egsdot;   * equal-or-greater, slanted, dot inside
&el;       * equal-or-less
&elinters; * electrical intersection
&ell;      * /ell - cursive small l
&els;      * /eqslantless R: eq-or-less, slanted
&elsdot;   * equal-or-less, slanted, dot inside
&Emacr;    * capital E, macron
&emacr;    * small e, macron
&empty;    * /emptyset - zero, slash
&emptyv;   * /varnothing - circle, slash
&emsp;     * em space
&emsp13;   * 1/3-em space
&emsp14;   * 1/4-em space
&ENG;      * capital ENG, Lapp
&eng;      * small eng, Lapp
&ensp;     * en space (1/2-em)
&Eogon;    * capital E, ogonek
&eogon;    * small e, ogonek
&Eopf;     * /Bbb E, open face E
&epar;     * parallel, equal; equal or parallel
&eparsl;   * parallel, slanted, equal; homothetically congruent to
&eplus;    * equal, plus
&epsi;     * /straightepsilon, small epsilon, Greek
&epsiv;    * /varepsilon
&equals;   * equals sign R:
&equest;   * /questeq R: equal with questionmark
&equiv;    * /equiv R: identical with
&equivDD;  * equivalent, four dots above
&eqvparsl; * equivalent, equal; congruent and parallel
&erarr;    * equal, right arrow below
&erDot;    * /risingdotseq R: eq, rising dots
&escr;     * /scr e, script letter e
&Escr;     * /scr E, script letter E
&esdot;    * /doteq R: equals, single dot above
&esim;     * /esim R: equals, similar
&Esim;     * equal, similar
&eta;      * /eta small eta, Greek
&ETH;      * capital Eth, Icelandic
&eth;      * small eth, Icelandic
&Euml;     * capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark
&euml;     * small e, dieresis or umlaut mark
&excl;     * exclamation mark
&exist;    * /exists at least one exists
&female;   * female symbol
&ffilig;   * small ffi ligature
&fflig;    * small ff ligature
&ffllig;   * small ffl ligature
&ffr;      * /frak f, lower case f
&Ffr;      * /frak F, upper case f
&filig;    * small fi ligature
&fjlig;    * small fj ligature
&flat;     * /flat = musical flat
&fllig;    * small fl ligature
&fltns;    * flatness
&fnof;     * function of (italic small f)
&Fopf;     * /Bbb F, open face F
&forall;   * /forall for all
&fork;     * /pitchfork R: pitchfork
&forkv;    * fork, variant
&fpartint; * finite part integral
&frac12;   * fraction one-half
&frac13;   * fraction one-third
&frac14;   * fraction one-quarter
&frac15;   * fraction one-fifth
&frac16;   * fraction one-sixth
&frac18;   * fraction one-eighth
&frac23;   * fraction two-thirds
&frac25;   * fraction two-fifths
&frac34;   * fraction three-quarters
&frac35;   * fraction three-fifths
&frac38;   * fraction three-eighths
&frac45;   * fraction four-fifths
&frac56;   * fraction five-sixths
&frac58;   * fraction five-eighths
&frac78;   * fraction seven-eighths
&frown;    * /frown R: down curve
&fscr;     * /scr f, script letter f
&Fscr;     * /scr F, script letter F
&gacute;   * small g, acute accent
&Gamma;    * /Gamma capital Gamma, Greek
&gamma;    * /gamma small gamma, Greek
&gammad;   * /digamma
&Gammad;   * capital digamma
&gap;      * /gtrapprox R: greater, approximate
&Gbreve;   * capital G, breve
&gbreve;   * small g, breve
&Gcedil;   * capital G, cedilla
&Gcirc;    * capital G, circumflex accent
&gcirc;    * small g, circumflex accent
&Gdot;     * capital G, dot above
&gdot;     * small g, dot above
&ge;       * /geq /ge R: greater-than-or-equal
&gE;       * /geqq R: greater, double equals
&gel;      * /gtreqless R: greater, equals, less
&gEl;      * /gtreqqless R: gt, dbl equals, less
&ges;      * /geqslant R: gt-or-equal, slanted
&gescc;    * greater than, closed by curve, equal, slanted
&gesdot;   * greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside
&gesdoto;  * greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above
&gesdotol; * greater-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above left
&gesl;     * greater, equal, slanted, less
&gesles;   * greater, equal, slanted, less, equal, slanted
&gfr;      * /frak g, lower case g
&Gfr;      * /frak G, upper case g
&Gg;       * /ggg /Gg /gggtr R: triple gtr-than
&Ggr;      * capital Gamma, Greek
&ggr;      * small gamma, Greek
&gimel;    * /gimel - gimel, Hebrew
&gl;       * /gtrless R: greater, less
&gla;      * greater, less, apart
&glE;      * greater, less, equal
&glj;      * greater, less, overlapping
&gnap;     * /gnapprox N: greater, not approximate
&gne;      * /gneq N: greater, not equals
&gnE;      * /gneqq N: greater, not dbl equals
&gnsim;    * /gnsim N: greater, not similar
&Gopf;     * /Bbb G, open face G
&grave;    * grave accent
&gscr;     * /scr g, script letter g
&Gscr;     * /scr G, script letter G
&gsim;     * /gtrsim R: greater, similar
&gsime;    * greater, similar, equal
&gsiml;    * greater, similar, less
&Gt;       * /gg R: dbl greater-than sign
&gt;       * greater-than sign R:
&gtcc;     * greater than, closed by curve
&gtcir;    * greater than, circle inside
&gtdot;    * /gtrdot R: greater than, with dot
&gtlPar;   * dbl left parenthesis, greater
&gtquest;  * greater than, questionmark above
&gtrarr;   * greater than, right arrow
&gvnE;     * /gvertneqq N: gt, vert, not dbl eq
&hairsp;   * hair space
&half;     * fraction one-half
&hamilt;   * Hamiltonian (script capital H)
&harr;     * /leftrightarrow A: l&r arrow
&hArr;     * /Leftrightarrow A: l&r dbl arrow
&harrcir;  * left and right arrow with a circle
&harrw;    * /leftrightsquigarrow A: l&r arr-wavy
&Hcirc;    * capital H, circumflex accent
&hcirc;    * small h, circumflex accent
&hearts;   * /heartsuit = heart suit symbol
&hellip;   * ellipsis (horizontal)
&hercon;   * hermitian conjugate matrix
&hfr;      * /frak h, lower case h
&Hfr;      * /frak H, upper case h
&hoarr;    * horizontal open arrow
&homtht;   * homothetic
&Hopf;     * /Bbb H, open face H
&horbar;   * horizontal bar
&hscr;     * /scr h, script letter h
&Hscr;     * /scr H, script letter H
&Hstrok;   * capital H, stroke
&hstrok;   * small h, stroke
&hybull;   * rectangle, filled (hyphen bullet)
&hyphen;   * hyphen
&Iacgr;    * capital Iota, accent, Greek
&iacgr;    * small iota, accent, Greek
&Iacute;   * capital I, acute accent
&iacute;   * small i, acute accent
&Icirc;    * capital I, circumflex accent
&icirc;    * small i, circumflex accent
&idiagr;   * small iota, dieresis, accent, Greek
&Idigr;    * capital Iota, dieresis, Greek
&idigr;    * small iota, dieresis, Greek
&Idot;     * capital I, dot above
&iexcl;    * inverted exclamation mark
&iff;      * /iff if and only if
&ifr;      * /frak i, lower case i
&Ifr;      * /frak I, upper case i
&Igr;      * capital Iota, Greek
&igr;      * small iota, Greek
&Igrave;   * capital I, grave accent
&igrave;   * small i, grave accent
&iinfin;   * infinity sign, incomplete
&iiota;    * inverted iota
&IJlig;    * capital IJ ligature
&ijlig;    * small ij ligature
&Imacr;    * capital I, macron
&imacr;    * small i, macron
&image;    * /Im - imaginary
&imath;    * /imath - small i, no dot
&imof;     * image of
&imped;    * impedance
&incare;   * in-care-of symbol
&infin;    * /infty infinity
&infintie; * tie, infinity
&inodot;   * small i without dot
&int;      * /int L: integral operator
&Int;      * double integral operator
&intcal;   * /intercal B: intercal
&intlarhk; * integral, left arrow with hook
&inum;     * base for the natural logarithm; will be added ...
&Iogon;    * capital I, ogonek
&iogon;    * small i, ogonek
&Iopf;     * /Bbb I, open face I
&iota;     * /iota small iota, Greek
&iprod;    * /intprod
&iquest;   * inverted question mark
&iscr;     * /scr i, script letter i
&Iscr;     * /scr I, script letter I
&isin;     * /in R: set membership
&isindot;  * set membership, dot above
&isinE;    * set membership, two horizontal strokes
&isins;    * set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
&isinsv;   * large set membership, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
&isinv;    * set membership, variant
&Itilde;   * capital I, tilde
&itilde;   * small i, tilde
&Iuml;     * capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark
&iuml;     * small i, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Jcirc;    * capital J, circumflex accent
&jcirc;    * small j, circumflex accent
&jfr;      * /frak j, lower case j
&Jfr;      * /frak J, upper case j
&jmath;    * /jmath - small j, no dot
&Jopf;     * /Bbb J, open face J
&jscr;     * /scr j, script letter j
&Jscr;     * /scr J, script letter J
&kappa;    * /kappa small kappa, Greek
&kappav;   * /varkappa
&Kcedil;   * capital K, cedilla
&kcedil;   * small k, cedilla
&kfr;      * /frak k, lower case k
&Kfr;      * /frak K, upper case k
&Kgr;      * capital Kappa, Greek
&kgr;      * small kappa, Greek
&kgreen;   * small k, Greenlandic
&KHgr;     * capital Chi, Greek
&khgr;     * small chi, Greek
&Kopf;     * /Bbb K, open face K
&kscr;     * /scr k, script letter k
&Kscr;     * /scr K, script letter K
&lAarr;    * /Lleftarrow A: left triple arrow
&Lacute;   * capital L, acute accent
&lacute;   * small l, acute accent
&laemptyv; * circle, slash, left arrow above
&lagran;   * Lagrangian (script capital L)
&Lambda;   * /Lambda capital Lambda, Greek
&lambda;   * /lambda small lambda, Greek
&lang;     * /langle O: left angle bracket
&Lang;     * left angle bracket, double
&langd;    * left angle, dot
&lap;      * /lessapprox R: less, approximate
&laquo;    * angle quotation mark, left
&lArr;     * /Leftarrow A: is implied by
&Larr;     * /twoheadleftarrow A:
&larr;     * /leftarrow /gets A: = leftward arrow
&larrbfs;  * left arrow-bar, filled square
&larrfs;   * left arrow, filled square
&larrhk;   * /hookleftarrow A: left arrow-hooked
&larrlp;   * /looparrowleft A: left arrow-looped
&larrpl;   * left arrow, plus
&larrsim;  * left arrow, similar
&larrtl;   * /leftarrowtail A: left arrow-tailed
&lat;      * larger than
&latail;   * left arrow-tail
&lAtail;   * left double arrow-tail
&late;     * larger than or equal
&lates;    * larger than or equal, slanted
&lbarr;    * left broken arrow
&lBarr;    * left doubly broken arrow
&lbbrk;    * left broken bracket
&lbrke;    * left bracket, equal
&lbrksld;  * left bracket, solidus bottom corner
&lbrkslu;  * left bracket, solidus top corner
&Lcaron;   * capital L, caron
&lcaron;   * small l, caron
&Lcedil;   * capital L, cedilla
&lcedil;   * small l, cedilla
&lceil;    * /lceil O: left ceiling
&lcub;     * /lbrace O: = left curly bracket
&ldca;     * left down curved arrow
&ldquo;    * double quotation mark, left
&ldquor;   * rising dbl quote, left (low)
&ldrdhar;  * left harpoon-down over right harpoon-down
&ldrushar; * left-down-right-up harpoon
&ldsh;     * left down angled arrow
&le;       * /leq /le R: less-than-or-equal
&lE;       * /leqq R: less, double equals
&leg;      * /lesseqgtr R: less, eq, greater
&lEg;      * /lesseqqgtr R: less, dbl eq, greater
&les;      * /leqslant R: less-than-or-eq, slant
&lescc;    * less than, closed by curve, equal, slanted
&lesdot;   * less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot inside
&lesdoto;  * less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above
&lesdotor; * less-than-or-equal, slanted, dot above right
&lesg;     * less, equal, slanted, greater
&lesges;   * less, equal, slanted, greater, equal, slanted
&lfisht;   * left fish tail
&lfloor;   * /lfloor O: left floor
&lfr;      * /frak l, lower case l
&Lfr;      * /frak L, upper case l
&lg;       * /lessgtr R: less, greater
&lgE;      * less, greater, equal
&Lgr;      * capital Lambda, Greek
&lgr;      * small lambda, Greek
&lHar;     * left harpoon-up over left harpoon-down
&lhard;    * /leftharpoondown A: l harpoon-down
&lharu;    * /leftharpoonup A: left harpoon-up
&lharul;   * left harpoon-up over long dash
&lhblk;    * lower half block
&Ll;       * /Ll /lll /llless R: triple less-than
&llarr;    * /leftleftarrows A: two left arrows
&llhard;   * left harpoon-down below long dash
&lltri;    * lower left triangle
&Lmidot;   * capital L, middle dot
&lmidot;   * small l, middle dot
&lmoust;   * /lmoustache
&lnap;     * /lnapprox N: less, not approximate
&lne;      * /lneq N: less, not equals
&lnE;      * /lneqq N: less, not double equals
&lnsim;    * /lnsim N: less, not similar
&loang;    * left open angular bracket
&loarr;    * left open arrow
&lobrk;    * left open bracket
&lopar;    * left open parenthesis
&Lopf;     * /Bbb L, open face L
&loplus;   * plus sign in left half circle
&lotimes;  * multiply sign in left half circle
&lowast;   * low asterisk
&lowbar;   * low line
&loz;      * /lozenge - lozenge or total mark
&lozf;     * /blacklozenge - lozenge, filled
&lpar;     * O: = left parenthesis
&lparlt;   * O: left parenthesis, lt
&lrarr;    * /leftrightarrows A: l arr over r arr
&lrhar;    * /leftrightharpoons A: l harp over r
&lrhard;   * right harpoon-down below long dash
&lrtri;    * lower right triangle
&lscr;     * /scr l, script letter l
&Lscr;     * /scr L, script letter L
&lsh;      * /Lsh A:
&lsim;     * /lesssim R: less, similar
&lsime;    * less, similar, equal
&lsimg;    * less, similar, greater
&lsqb;     * /lbrack O: = left square bracket
&lsquo;    * single quotation mark, left
&lsquor;   * rising single quote, left (low)
&Lstrok;   * capital L, stroke
&lstrok;   * small l, stroke
&Lt;       * /ll R: double less-than sign
&lt;       * less-than sign R:
&ltcc;     * less than, closed by curve
&ltcir;    * less than, circle inside
&ltdot;    * /lessdot R: less than, with dot
&lthree;   * /leftthreetimes B:
&ltimes;   * /ltimes B: times sign, left closed
&ltlarr;   * less than, left arrow
&ltquest;  * less than, questionmark above
&ltri;     * /triangleleft B: l triangle, open
&ltrie;    * /trianglelefteq R: left triangle, eq
&ltrif;    * /blacktriangleleft R: = l tri, filled
&ltrPar;   * dbl right parenthesis, less
&lurdshar; * left-up-right-down harpoon
&luruhar;  * left harpoon-up over right harpoon-up
&lvnE;     * /lvertneqq N: less, vert, not dbl eq
&macr;     * macron
&male;     * male symbol
&malt;     * /maltese = maltese cross
&map;      * /mapsto A:
&Map;      * twoheaded mapsto
&marker;   * histogram marker
&mcomma;   * minus, comma above
&mdash;    * em dash
&mDDot;    * minus with four dots, geometric properties
&mfr;      * /frak m, lower case m
&Mfr;      * /frak M, upper case m
&Mgr;      * capital Mu, Greek
&mgr;      * small mu, Greek
&mho;      * /mho - conductance
&micro;    * micro sign
&mid;      * /mid R:
&midast;   * /ast B: asterisk
&midcir;   * mid, circle below
&middot;   * /centerdot B: = middle dot
&minus;    * B: minus sign
&minusb;   * /boxminus B: minus sign in box
&minusd;   * /dotminus B: minus sign, dot above
&minusdu;  * minus sign, dot below
&mlcp;     * /mlcp
&mldr;     * em leader
&mnplus;   * /mp B: minus-or-plus sign
&models;   * /models R:
&Mopf;     * /Bbb M, open face M
&mscr;     * /scr m, script letter m
&Mscr;     * /scr M, script letter M
&mstpos;   * most positive
&mu;       * /mu small mu, Greek
&mumap;    * /multimap A:
&nabla;    * /nabla del, Hamilton operator
&Nacute;   * capital N, acute accent
&nacute;   * small n, acute accent
&nang;     * not, vert, angle
&nap;      * /napprox N: not approximate
&napE;     * not approximately equal or equal to
&napid;    * not approximately identical to
&napos;    * small n, apostrophe
&natur;    * /natural - music natural
&nbsp;     * no break (required) space
&ncap;     * bar, intersection
&Ncaron;   * capital N, caron
&ncaron;   * small n, caron
&Ncedil;   * capital N, cedilla
&ncedil;   * small n, cedilla
&ncong;    * /ncong N: not congruent with
&ncongdot; * not congruent, dot
&ncup;     * bar, union
&ndash;    * en dash
&ne;       * /ne /neq R: not equal
&nearhk;   * NE arrow-hooked
&nearr;    * /nearrow A: NE pointing arrow
&neArr;    * NE pointing dbl arrow
&nedot;    * not equal, dot
&nequiv;   * /nequiv N: not identical with
&nesear;   * /toea A: NE & SE arrows
&nexist;   * /nexists - negated exists
&nfr;      * /frak n, lower case n
&Nfr;      * /frak N, upper case n
&nge;      * /ngeq N: not greater-than-or-equal
&ngE;      * /ngeqq N: not greater, dbl equals
&nges;     * /ngeqslant N: not gt-or-eq, slanted
&nGg;      * not triple greater than
&Ngr;      * capital Nu, Greek
&ngr;      * small nu, Greek
&ngsim;    * not greater, similar
&ngt;      * /ngtr N: not greater-than
&nGt;      * not, vert, much greater than
&nGtv;     * not much greater than, variant
&nharr;    * /nleftrightarrow A: not l&r arrow
&nhArr;    * /nLeftrightarrow A: not l&r dbl arr
&nhpar;    * not, horizontal, parallel
&ni;       * /ni /owns R: contains
&nis;      * contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
&nisd;     * contains, long horizontal stroke
&niv;      * contains, variant
&nlArr;    * /nLeftarrow A: not implied by
&nlarr;    * /nleftarrow A: not left arrow
&nldr;     * double baseline dot (en leader)
&nle;      * /nleq N: not less-than-or-equal
&nlE;      * /nleqq N: not less, dbl equals
&nles;     * /nleqslant N: not less-or-eq, slant
&nLl;      * not triple less than
&nlsim;    * not less, similar
&nlt;      * /nless N: not less-than
&nLt;      * not, vert, much less than
&nltri;    * /ntriangleleft N: not left triangle
&nltrie;   * /ntrianglelefteq N: not l tri, eq
&nLtv;     * not much less than, variant
&nmid;     * /nmid
&Nopf;     * /Bbb N, open face N
&Not;      * not with two horizontal strokes
&not;      * /neg /lnot = not sign
&notin;    * /notin N: negated set membership
&notindot; * negated set membership, dot above
&notinE;   * negated set membership, two horizontal strokes
&notinva;  * negated set membership, variant
&notinvb;  * negated set membership, variant
&notinvc;  * negated set membership, variant
&notni;    * negated contains
&notniva;  * negated contains, variant
&notnivb;  * contains, variant
&notnivc;  * contains, variant
&npar;     * /nparallel N: not parallel
&nparsl;   * not parallel, slanted
&npart;    * not partial differential
&npolint;  * line integration, not including the pole
&npr;      * /nprec N: not precedes
&nprcue;   * not curly precedes, eq
&npre;     * /npreceq N: not precedes, equals
&nrArr;    * /nRightarrow A: not implies
&nrarr;    * /nrightarrow A: not right arrow
&nrarrc;   * not right arrow-curved
&nrarrw;   * not right arrow-wavy
&nrtri;    * /ntriangleright N: not rt triangle
&nrtrie;   * /ntrianglerighteq N: not r tri, eq
&nsc;      * /nsucc N: not succeeds
&nsccue;   * not succeeds, curly eq
&nsce;     * /nsucceq N: not succeeds, equals
&nscr;     * /scr n, script letter n
&Nscr;     * /scr N, script letter N
&nsim;     * /nsim N: not similar
&nsime;    * /nsimeq N: not similar, equals
&nsmid;    * /nshortmid
&nspar;    * /nshortparallel N: not short par
&nsqsube;  * not, square subset, equals
&nsqsupe;  * not, square superset, equals
&nsub;     * not subset
&nsube;    * /nsubseteq N: not subset, equals
&nsubE;    * /nsubseteqq N: not subset, dbl eq
&nsup;     * not superset
&nsupe;    * /nsupseteq N: not superset, equals
&nsupE;    * /nsupseteqq N: not superset, dbl eq
&ntgl;     * not greater, less
&Ntilde;   * capital N, tilde
&ntilde;   * small n, tilde
&ntlg;     * not less, greater
&nu;       * /nu small nu, Greek
&num;      * number sign
&numsp;    * digit space (width of a number)
&nvap;     * not, vert, approximate
&nVDash;   * /nVDash N: not dbl vert, dbl dash
&nVdash;   * /nVdash N: not dbl vertical, dash
&nvdash;   * /nvdash N: not vertical, dash
&nvDash;   * /nvDash N: not vertical, dbl dash
&nvge;     * not, vert, greater-than-or-equal
&nvgt;     * not, vert, greater-than
&nvHarr;   * not, vert, left and right double arrow
&nvinfin;  * not, vert, infinity
&nvlArr;   * not, vert, left double arrow
&nvle;     * not, vert, less-than-or-equal
&nvlt;     * not, vert, less-than
&nvltrie;  * not, vert, left triangle, equals
&nvrArr;   * not, vert, right double arrow
&nvrtrie;  * not, vert, right triangle, equals
&nvsim;    * not, vert, similar
&nwarhk;   * NW arrow-hooked
&nwarr;    * /nwarrow A: NW pointing arrow
&nwArr;    * NW pointing dbl arrow
&nwnear;   * NW & NE arrows
&Oacgr;    * capital Omicron, accent, Greek
&oacgr;    * small omicron, accent, Greek
&Oacute;   * capital O, acute accent
&oacute;   * small o, acute accent
&oast;     * /circledast B: asterisk in circle
&ocir;     * /circledcirc B: small circle in circle
&Ocirc;    * capital O, circumflex accent
&ocirc;    * small o, circumflex accent
&odash;    * /circleddash B: hyphen in circle
&Odblac;   * capital O, double acute accent
&odblac;   * small o, double acute accent
&odiv;     * divide in circle
&odot;     * /odot B: middle dot in circle
&odsold;   * dot, solidus, dot in circle
&OElig;    * capital OE ligature
&oelig;    * small oe ligature
&ofcir;    * filled circle in circle
&ofr;      * /frak o, lower case o
&Ofr;      * /frak O, upper case o
&ogon;     * ogonek
&Ogr;      * capital Omicron, Greek
&ogr;      * small omicron, Greek
&Ograve;   * capital O, grave accent
&ograve;   * small o, grave accent
&ogt;      * greater-than in circle
&OHacgr;   * capital Omega, accent, Greek
&ohacgr;   * small omega, accent, Greek
&ohbar;    * circle with horizontal bar
&OHgr;     * capital Omega, Greek
&ohgr;     * small omega, Greek
&ohm;      * ohm sign
&olarr;    * /circlearrowleft A: l arr in circle
&olcir;    * large circle in circle
&olcross;  * circle, cross
&olt;      * less-than in circle
&Omacr;    * capital O, macron
&omacr;    * small o, macron
&Omega;    * /Omega capital Omega, Greek
&omega;    * /omega small omega, Greek
&omid;     * vertical bar in circle
&ominus;   * /ominus B: minus sign in circle
&Oopf;     * /Bbb O, open face O
&opar;     * parallel in circle
&operp;    * perpendicular in circle
&oplus;    * /oplus B: plus sign in circle
&or;       * /vee /lor B: logical or
&Or;       * dbl logical or
&orarr;    * /circlearrowright A: r arr in circle
&ord;      * or, horizontal dash
&order;    * order of (script small o)
&ordf;     * ordinal indicator, feminine
&ordm;     * ordinal indicator, masculine
&origof;   * original of
&oror;     * two logical or
&orslope;  * sloping large or
&orv;      * or with middle stem
&oS;       * /circledS - capital S in circle
&oscr;     * /scr o, script letter o
&Oscr;     * /scr O, script letter O
&Oslash;   * capital O, slash
&oslash;   * small o, slash
&osol;     * /oslash B: solidus in circle
&Otilde;   * capital O, tilde
&otilde;   * small o, tilde
&otimes;   * /otimes B: multiply sign in circle
&Otimes;   * multiply sign in double circle
&otimesas; * multiply sign in circle, circumflex accent
&Ouml;     * capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark
&ouml;     * small o, dieresis or umlaut mark
&ovbar;    * circle with vertical bar
&par;      * /parallel R: parallel
&para;     * pilcrow (paragraph sign)
&parsim;   * parallel, similar
&parsl;    * parallel, slanted
&part;     * /partial partial differential
&percnt;   * percent sign
&period;   * full stop, period
&permil;   * per thousand
&perp;     * /perp R: perpendicular
&pertenk;  * per 10 thousand
&pfr;      * /frak p, lower case p
&Pfr;      * /frak P, upper case p
&Pgr;      * capital Pi, Greek
&pgr;      * small pi, Greek
&PHgr;     * capital Phi, Greek
&phgr;     * small phi, Greek
&Phi;      * /Phi capital Phi, Greek
&phi;      * /straightphi - small phi, Greek
&phiv;     * /varphi - curly or open phi
&phmmat;   * physics M-matrix (script capital M)
&phone;    * telephone symbol
&Pi;       * /Pi capital Pi, Greek
&pi;       * /pi small pi, Greek
&pinum;    * upright pi; will be added to the set in 9573-12
&piv;      * /varpi
&plank;    * /hbar - Planck's over 2pi
&plankv;   * /hslash - variant Planck's over 2pi
&plus;     * plus sign B:-- >
&plusacir; * plus, circumflex accent above
&plusb;    * /boxplus B: plus sign in box
&pluscir;  * plus, small circle above
&plusdo;   * /dotplus B: plus sign, dot above
&plusdu;   * plus sign, dot below
&pluse;    * plus, equals
&plusmn;   * /pm B: = plus-or-minus sign
&plussim;  * plus, similar below
&plustwo;  * plus, two; Nim-addition
&pointint; * integral around a point operator
&Popf;     * /Bbb P, open face P
&pound;    * pound sign
&pr;       * /prec R: precedes
&Pr;       * dbl precedes
&prap;     * /precapprox R: precedes, approximate
&prcue;    * /preccurlyeq R: precedes, curly eq
&pre;      * /preceq R: precedes, equals
&prE;      * precedes, dbl equals
&prime;    * /prime prime or minute
&Prime;    * double prime or second
&prnap;    * /precnapprox N: precedes, not approx
&prnE;     * /precneqq N: precedes, not dbl eq
&prnsim;   * /precnsim N: precedes, not similar
&prod;     * /prod L: product operator
&profalar; * all-around profile
&profline; * profile of a line
&profsurf; * profile of a surface
&prop;     * /propto R: is proportional to
&prsim;    * /precsim R: precedes, similar
&prurel;   * element precedes under relation
&pscr;     * /scr p, script letter p
&Pscr;     * /scr P, script letter P
&PSgr;     * capital Psi, Greek
&psgr;     * small psi, Greek
&Psi;      * /Psi capital Psi, Greek
&psi;      * /psi small psi, Greek
&puncsp;   * punctuation space (width of comma)
&qfr;      * /frak q, lower case q
&Qfr;      * /frak Q, upper case q
&qint;     * /iiiint quadruple integral operator
&Qopf;     * /Bbb Q, open face Q
&qprime;   * quadruple prime
&qscr;     * /scr q, script letter q
&Qscr;     * /scr Q, script letter Q
&quatint;  * quaternion integral operator
&quest;    * question mark
&quot;     * quotation mark
&rAarr;    * /Rrightarrow A: right triple arrow
&race;     * reverse most positive, line below
&Racute;   * capital R, acute accent
&racute;   * small r, acute accent
&radic;    * /surd radical
&raemptyv; * circle, slash, right arrow above
&rang;     * /rangle C: right angle bracket
&Rang;     * right angle bracket, double
&rangd;    * right angle, dot
&range;    * reverse angle, equal
&raquo;    * angle quotation mark, right
&rArr;     * /Rightarrow A: implies
&Rarr;     * /twoheadrightarrow A:
&rarr;     * /rightarrow /to A: = rightward arrow
&rarrap;   * approximate, right arrow above
&rarrbfs;  * right arrow-bar, filled square
&rarrc;    * right arrow-curved
&rarrfs;   * right arrow, filled square
&rarrhk;   * /hookrightarrow A: rt arrow-hooked
&rarrlp;   * /looparrowright A: rt arrow-looped
&rarrpl;   * right arrow, plus
&rarrsim;  * right arrow, similar
&rarrtl;   * /rightarrowtail A: rt arrow-tailed
&Rarrtl;   * right two-headed arrow with tail
&rarrw;    * /rightsquigarrow A: rt arrow-wavy
&ratail;   * right arrow-tail
&rAtail;   * right double arrow-tail
&ratio;    * /ratio
&rbarr;    * /bkarow A: right broken arrow
&rBarr;    * /dbkarow A: right doubly broken arrow
&RBarr;    * /drbkarow A: twoheaded right broken arrow
&rbbrk;    * right broken bracket
&rbrke;    * right bracket, equal
&rbrksld;  * right bracket, solidus bottom corner
&rbrkslu;  * right bracket, solidus top corner
&Rcaron;   * capital R, caron
&rcaron;   * small r, caron
&Rcedil;   * capital R, cedilla
&rcedil;   * small r, cedilla
&rceil;    * /rceil C: right ceiling
&rcub;     * /rbrace C: = right curly bracket
&rdca;     * right down curved arrow
&rdldhar;  * right harpoon-down over left harpoon-down
&rdquo;    * double quotation mark, right
&rdquor;   * rising dbl quote, right (high)
&rdsh;     * right down angled arrow
&real;     * /Re - real
&rect;     * rectangle, open
&reg;      * /circledR = registered sign
&rfisht;   * right fish tail
&rfloor;   * /rfloor C: right floor
&rfr;      * /frak r, lower case r
&Rfr;      * /frak R, upper case r
&Rgr;      * capital Rho, Greek
&rgr;      * small rho, Greek
&rHar;     * right harpoon-up over right harpoon-down
&rhard;    * /rightharpoondown A: rt harpoon-down
&rharu;    * /rightharpoonup A: rt harpoon-up
&rharul;   * right harpoon-up over long dash
&rho;      * /rho small rho, Greek
&rhov;     * /varrho
&ring;     * ring
&rlarr;    * /rightleftarrows A: r arr over l arr
&rlhar;    * /rightleftharpoons A: r harp over l
&rmoust;   * /rmoustache
&rnmid;    * reverse /nmid
&roang;    * right open angular bracket
&roarr;    * right open arrow
&robrk;    * right open bracket
&ropar;    * right open parenthesis
&Ropf;     * /Bbb R, open face R
&roplus;   * plus sign in right half circle
&rotimes;  * multiply sign in right half circle
&rpar;     * C: = right parenthesis
&rpargt;   * C: right paren, gt
&rppolint; * line integration, rectangular path around pole
&rrarr;    * /rightrightarrows A: two rt arrows
&rscr;     * /scr r, script letter r
&Rscr;     * /scr R, script letter R
&rsh;      * /Rsh A:
&rsqb;     * /rbrack C: = right square bracket
&rsquo;    * single quotation mark, right
&rsquor;   * rising single quote, right (high)
&rthree;   * /rightthreetimes B:
&rtimes;   * /rtimes B: times sign, right closed
&rtri;     * /triangleright B: r triangle, open
&rtrie;    * /trianglerighteq R: right tri, eq
&rtrif;    * /blacktriangleright R: = r tri, filled
&rtriltri; * right triangle above left triangle
&ruluhar;  * right harpoon-up over left harpoon-up
&rx;       * pharmaceutical prescription (Rx)
&Sacute;   * capital S, acute accent
&sacute;   * small s, acute accent
&sc;       * /succ R: succeeds
&Sc;       * dbl succeeds
&scap;     * /succapprox R: succeeds, approximate
&Scaron;   * capital S, caron
&scaron;   * small s, caron
&sccue;    * /succcurlyeq R: succeeds, curly eq
&sce;      * /succeq R: succeeds, equals
&scE;      * succeeds, dbl equals
&Scedil;   * capital S, cedilla
&scedil;   * small s, cedilla
&Scirc;    * capital S, circumflex accent
&scirc;    * small s, circumflex accent
&scnap;    * /succnapprox N: succeeds, not approx
&scnE;     * /succneqq N: succeeds, not dbl eq
&scnsim;   * /succnsim N: succeeds, not similar
&scpolint; * line integration, semi-circular path around pole
&scsim;    * /succsim R: succeeds, similar
&sdot;     * /cdot B: small middle dot
&sdotb;    * /dotsquare /boxdot B: small dot in box
&sdote;    * equal, dot below
&searhk;   * /hksearow A: SE arrow-hooken
&searr;    * /searrow A: SE pointing arrow
&seArr;    * SE pointing dbl arrow
&sect;     * section sign
&semi;     * semicolon P:
&seswar;   * /tosa A: SE & SW arrows
&setmn;    * /setminus B: reverse solidus
&sext;     * sextile (6-pointed star)
&sfgr;     * final small sigma, Greek
&sfr;      * /frak s, lower case s
&Sfr;      * /frak S, upper case s
&sfrown;   * /smallfrown R: small down curve
&Sgr;      * capital Sigma, Greek
&sgr;      * small sigma, Greek
&sharp;    * /sharp = musical sharp
&shy;      * soft hyphen
&Sigma;    * /Sigma capital Sigma, Greek
&sigma;    * /sigma small sigma, Greek
&sigmav;   * /varsigma
&sim;      * /sim R: similar
&simdot;   * similar, dot
&sime;     * /simeq R: similar, equals
&simg;     * similar, greater
&simgE;    * similar, greater, equal
&siml;     * similar, less
&simlE;    * similar, less, equal
&simne;    * similar, not equals
&simplus;  * plus, similar above
&simrarr;  * similar, right arrow below
&slarr;    * short left arrow
&smashp;   * smash product
&smeparsl; * similar, parallel, slanted, equal
&smid;     * /shortmid R:
&smile;    * /smile R: up curve
&smt;      * smaller than
&smte;     * smaller than or equal
&smtes;    * smaller than or equal, slanted
&sol;      * solidus
&solb;     * solidus in square
&solbar;   * solidus, bar through
&Sopf;     * /Bbb S, open face S
&spades;   * /spadesuit = spades suit symbol
&spar;     * /shortparallel R: short parallel
&sqcap;    * /sqcap B: square intersection
&sqcaps;   * square intersection, serifs
&sqcup;    * /sqcup B: square union
&sqcups;   * square union, serifs
&sqsub;    * /sqsubset R: square subset
&sqsube;   * /sqsubseteq R: square subset, equals
&sqsup;    * /sqsupset R: square superset
&sqsupe;   * /sqsupseteq R: square superset, eq
&squ;      * square, open
&square;   * /square, square
&squarf;   * /blacksquare, square, filled
&squf;     * /blacksquare = sq bullet, filled
&srarr;    * short right arrow
&sscr;     * /scr s, script letter s
&Sscr;     * /scr S, script letter S
&ssetmn;   * /smallsetminus B: sm reverse solidus
&ssmile;   * /smallsmile R: small up curve
&sstarf;   * /star B: small star, filled
&star;     * star, open
&starf;    * /bigstar - star, filled
&strns;    * straightness
&Sub;      * /Subset R: double subset
&sub;      * /subset R: subset or is implied by
&subdot;   * subset, with dot
&sube;     * /subseteq R: subset, equals
&subE;     * /subseteqq R: subset, dbl equals
&subedot;  * subset, equals, dot
&submult;  * subset, multiply
&subne;    * /subsetneq N: subset, not equals
&subnE;    * /subsetneqq N: subset, not dbl eq
&subplus;  * subset, plus
&subrarr;  * subset, right arrow
&subsim;   * subset, similar
&subsub;   * subset above subset
&subsup;   * subset above superset
&sum;      * /sum L: summation operator
&sung;     * music note (sung text sign)
&Sup;      * /Supset R: dbl superset
&sup;      * /supset R: superset or implies
&sup1;     * superscript one
&sup2;     * superscript two
&sup3;     * superscript three
&supdot;   * superset, with dot
&supdsub;  * superset, subset, dash joining them
&supe;     * /supseteq R: superset, equals
&supE;     * /supseteqq R: superset, dbl equals
&supedot;  * superset, equals, dot
&suphsol;  * superset, solidus
&suphsub;  * superset, subset
&suplarr;  * superset, left arrow
&supmult;  * superset, multiply
&supne;    * /supsetneq N: superset, not equals
&supnE;    * /supsetneqq N: superset, not dbl eq
&supplus;  * superset, plus
&supsim;   * superset, similar
&supsub;   * superset above subset
&supsup;   * superset above superset
&swarhk;   * /hkswarow A: SW arrow-hooked
&swarr;    * /swarrow A: SW pointing arrow
&swArr;    * SW pointing dbl arrow
&swnwar;   * SW & NW arrows
&szlig;    * small sharp s, German (sz ligature)
&target;   * register mark or target
&tau;      * /tau small tau, Greek
&tbrk;     * top square bracket
&Tcaron;   * capital T, caron
&tcaron;   * small t, caron
&Tcedil;   * capital T, cedilla
&tcedil;   * small t, cedilla
&tdot;     * three dots above
&telrec;   * telephone recorder symbol
&tfr;      * /frak t, lower case t
&Tfr;      * /frak T, upper case t
&Tgr;      * capital Tau, Greek
&tgr;      * small tau, Greek
&there4;   * /therefore R: therefore
&Theta;    * /Theta capital Theta, Greek
&theta;    * /theta straight theta, small theta, Greek
&thetav;   * /vartheta - curly or open theta
&THgr;     * capital Theta, Greek
&thgr;     * small theta, Greek
&thinsp;   * thin space (1/6-em)
&thkap;    * /thickapprox R: thick approximate
&thksim;   * /thicksim R: thick similar
&THORN;    * capital THORN, Icelandic
&thorn;    * small thorn, Icelandic
&tilde;    * tilde
&times;    * /times B: = multiply sign
&timesb;   * /boxtimes B: multiply sign in box
&timesbar; * multiply sign, bar below
&timesd;   * times, dot
&tint;     * /iiint triple integral operator
&top;      * /top top
&topbot;   * top and bottom
&topcir;   * top, circle below
&Topf;     * /Bbb T, open face T
&topfork;  * fork with top
&tprime;   * triple prime
&trade;    * trade mark sign
&tridot;   * dot in triangle
&trie;     * /triangleq R: triangle, equals
&triminus; * minus in triangle
&triplus;  * plus in triangle
&trisb;    * triangle, serifs at bottom
&tritime;  * multiply in triangle
&trpezium; * trapezium
&tscr;     * /scr t, script letter t
&Tscr;     * /scr T, script letter T
&Tstrok;   * capital T, stroke
&tstrok;   * small t, stroke
&twixt;    * /between R: between
&Uacgr;    * capital Upsilon, accent, Greek
&uacgr;    * small upsilon, accent, Greek
&Uacute;   * capital U, acute accent
&uacute;   * small u, acute accent
&uArr;     * /Uparrow A: up dbl arrow
&Uarr;     * up two-headed arrow
&uarr;     * /uparrow A: = upward arrow
&Uarrocir; * up two-headed arrow above circle
&Ubreve;   * capital U, breve
&ubreve;   * small u, breve
&Ucirc;    * capital U, circumflex accent
&ucirc;    * small u, circumflex accent
&udarr;    * up arrow, down arrow
&Udblac;   * capital U, double acute accent
&udblac;   * small u, double acute accent
&udhar;    * up harp, down harp
&udiagr;   * small upsilon, dieresis, accent, Greek
&Udigr;    * capital Upsilon, dieresis, Greek
&udigr;    * small upsilon, dieresis, Greek
&ufisht;   * up fish tail
&ufr;      * /frak u, lower case u
&Ufr;      * /frak U, upper case u
&Ugr;      * capital Upsilon, Greek
&ugr;      * small upsilon, Greek
&Ugrave;   * capital U, grave accent
&ugrave;   * small u, grave accent
&uHar;     * up harpoon-left, up harpoon-right
&uharl;    * /upharpoonleft A: up harpoon-left
&uharr;    * /upharpoonright /restriction A: up harp-r
&uhblk;    * upper half block
&ulcorn;   * /ulcorner O: upper left corner
&ulcrop;   * upward left crop mark
&ultri;    * upper left triangle
&Umacr;    * capital U, macron
&umacr;    * small u, macron
&uml;      * umlaut mark
&Uogon;    * capital U, ogonek
&uogon;    * small u, ogonek
&Uopf;     * /Bbb U, open face U
&uplus;    * /uplus B: plus sign in union
&Upsi;     * /Upsilon capital Upsilon, Greek
&upsi;     * /upsilon small upsilon, Greek
&urcorn;   * /urcorner C: upper right corner
&urcrop;   * upward right crop mark
&Uring;    * capital U, ring
&uring;    * small u, ring
&urtri;    * upper right triangle
&uscr;     * /scr u, script letter u
&Uscr;     * /scr U, script letter U
&utdot;    * three dots, ascending
&Utilde;   * capital U, tilde
&utilde;   * small u, tilde
&utri;     * /triangle = up triangle, open
&utrif;    * /blacktriangle = up tri, filled
&uuarr;    * /upuparrows A: two up arrows
&Uuml;     * capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark
&uuml;     * small u, dieresis or umlaut mark
&uwangle;  * large upward pointing angle
&vangrt;   * right angle, variant
&varr;     * /updownarrow A: up&down arrow
&vArr;     * /Updownarrow A: up&down dbl arrow
&Vbar;     * dbl vert, bar (under)
&vBar;     * vert, dbl bar (under)
&vBarv;    * dbl bar, vert over and under
&Vdash;    * /Vdash R: dbl vertical, dash
&vdash;    * /vdash R: vertical, dash
&vDash;    * /vDash R: vertical, dbl dash
&VDash;    * dbl vert, dbl dash
&Vdashl;   * vertical, dash (long)
&veebar;   * /veebar B: logical or, bar below
&veeeq;    * logical or, equals
&vellip;   * vertical ellipsis
&Verbar;   * /Vert dbl vertical bar
&verbar;   * /vert = vertical bar
&vfr;      * /frak v, lower case v
&Vfr;      * /frak V, upper case v
&vltri;    * /vartriangleleft R: l tri, open, var
&vnsub;    * /nsubset N: not subset, var
&vnsup;    * /nsupset N: not superset, var
&Vopf;     * /Bbb V, open face V
&vprop;    * /varpropto R: proportional, variant
&vrtri;    * /vartriangleright R: r tri, open, var
&vscr;     * /scr v, script letter v
&Vscr;     * /scr V, script letter V
&vsubne;   * /varsubsetneq N: subset, not eq, var
&vsubnE;   * /varsubsetneqq N: subset not dbl eq, var
&vsupne;   * /varsupsetneq N: superset, not eq, var
&vsupnE;   * /varsupsetneqq N: super not dbl eq, var
&Vvdash;   * /Vvdash R: triple vertical, dash
&vzigzag;  * vertical zig-zag line
&Wcirc;    * capital W, circumflex accent
&wcirc;    * small w, circumflex accent
&wedbar;   * wedge, bar below
&wedgeq;   * /wedgeq R: corresponds to (wedge, equals)
&weierp;   * /wp - Weierstrass p
&wfr;      * /frak w, lower case w
&Wfr;      * /frak W, upper case w
&Wopf;     * /Bbb W, open face W
&wreath;   * /wr B: wreath product
&wscr;     * /scr w, script letter w
&Wscr;     * /scr W, script letter W
&xcap;     * /bigcap L: intersection operator
&xcirc;    * /bigcirc B: large circle
&xcup;     * /bigcup L: union operator
&xdtri;    * /bigtriangledown B: big dn tri, open
&xfr;      * /frak x, lower case x
&Xfr;      * /frak X, upper case x
&Xgr;      * capital Xi, Greek
&xgr;      * small xi, Greek
&xharr;    * /longleftrightarrow A: long l&r arr
&xhArr;    * /Longleftrightarrow A: long l&r dbl arr
&Xi;       * /Xi capital Xi, Greek
&xi;       * /xi small xi, Greek
&xlArr;    * /Longleftarrow A: long l dbl arrow
&xlarr;    * /longleftarrow A: long left arrow
&xmap;     * /longmapsto A:
&xnis;     * large contains, vertical bar on horizontal stroke
&xodot;    * /bigodot L: circle dot operator
&Xopf;     * /Bbb X, open face X
&xoplus;   * /bigoplus L: circle plus operator
&xotime;   * /bigotimes L: circle times operator
&xrarr;    * /longrightarrow A: long right arrow
&xrArr;    * /Longrightarrow A: long rt dbl arr
&xscr;     * /scr x, script letter x
&Xscr;     * /scr X, script letter X
&xsqcup;   * /bigsqcup L: square union operator
&xuplus;   * /biguplus L:
&xutri;    * /bigtriangleup B: big up tri, open
&xvee;     * /bigvee L: logical and operator
&xwedge;   * /bigwedge L: logical or operator
&Yacute;   * capital Y, acute accent
&yacute;   * small y, acute accent
&Ycirc;    * capital Y, circumflex accent
&ycirc;    * small y, circumflex accent
&yen;      * /yen = yen sign
&yfr;      * /frak y, lower case y
&Yfr;      * /frak Y, upper case y
&Yopf;     * /Bbb Y, open face Y
&yscr;     * /scr y, script letter y
&Yscr;     * /scr Y, script letter Y
&Yuml;     * capital Y, dieresis or umlaut mark
&yuml;     * small y, dieresis or umlaut mark
&Zacute;   * capital Z, acute accent
&zacute;   * small z, acute accent
&Zcaron;   * capital Z, caron
&zcaron;   * small z, caron
&Zdot;     * capital Z, dot above
&zdot;     * small z, dot above
&zeta;     * /zeta small zeta, Greek
&zfr;      * /frak z, lower case z
&Zfr;      * /frak Z, upper case z
&Zgr;      * capital Zeta, Greek
&zgr;      * small zeta, Greek
&zigrarr;  * right zig-zag arrow
&Zopf;     * /Bbb Z, open face Z
&zscr;     * /scr z, script letter z
&Zscr;     * /scr Z, script letter
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