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SpinCircuit Enables True Cross-Platform Design for PCB Designers

San Jose, Calif. -- August 3, 2000 -- SpinCircuit Inc. today announced the availability of XML-based symbols mapped directly to its database of millions of electronic components. The availability of these XML (Extensible Markup Language) symbols means that printed circuit board (PCB) designers and design teams can now perform cross-platform design using electronic design automation (EDA) tools from a variety of vendors. SpinCircuit is the first-ever vendor-independent design gateway (http://www.spincircuit.com) that bridges the gap between the design desktop and the electronics supply chain network by integrating directly into the schematic capture tools used by designers.

The SpinCircuit symbols incorporate a wealth of information, including logical and physical pin association, part definitions, packaging information, and graphical representations. For every component available within the SpinCircuit database, there is an XML symbol associated with it. These symbols are ready to use, unlike other offerings that require engineers to complete the symbol generation.

The SpinCircuit XML symbols are based on EdaXML, and are compliant with specifications developed by Electronic Tools Company (E-Tools) and with standards set by the Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). A suite of XML translators from E-Tools is now available for Cadence Design Systems, Mentor Graphics, Viewlogic/Innoveda, PADS Software, P-CAD, and Cadence/Orcad platforms at http://www.e-tools.com. Designers can now convert the SpinCircuit XML symbols to the native formats of all these EDA tools. They can also convert the symbols to the formats of any EDA tools for which companies or individuals have created their own XML translators.

According to Antoine Bigirimana, president and CEO of E-Tools, "As the Internet proliferates and design collaboration becomes a reality, it is increasingly necessary that designers have the tools they need to seamlessly use multiple EDA platforms and tools. Interoperability is now a requirement. E-Tools provides translators based on EdaXML, an EDA-specific version of XML, making this cross-platform design a reality. Our translators enable designers to use XML tools to publish EDA symbols and pc-board footprints in a Web-based, neutral format. We are pleased that SpinCircuit has also adopted EdaXML as the basis of its new symbols. Our companies share a vision of speeding and easing the design process by embracing standards and openness."

"For years, electronics designers have been asking their tool vendors to embrace standards that would enable them to perform cross-platform design," stated Kent Shimasaki, SpinCircuit's vice president of market and strategy. "EdaXML, which is fast becoming an industry standard, creates an opportunity for Web-based design collaboration, interoperability between various EDA databases, and seamless linkage of designs across EDA platforms. Because our symbols are based on the EdaXML specification, designers can use them independent of the type of software they are using, which will help facilitate the design process. We are excited to make these XML symbols available free of charge to the world's PCB designers. It affirms SpinCircuit's commitment to serving designers in a vendor-independent, personalized manner."

"Cadence® previously announced the availability of PCB Librarian Expert, the first XML data-driven EDA Library generation technology that enables EDA librarians to quickly and easily develop and maintain consistent libraries for use across their EDA tools," stated Kim Singer, product marketing manager at Cadence Design Systems PCB Systems Division. "The SpinCircuit symbols continue to deliver on the promise of standardizing part libraries across platforms, a shared goal of Cadence and all customer-centric EDA companies."

About SpinCircuit

SpinCircuit Inc. - launched April 3, 2000 - is an independent business-to-business Internet company focused on creating an entirely new concept for the global electronics supply chain. This new virtual supply chain encompasses the engineering desktop, component suppliers, and product manufacturers - linked together as never before. The result is vastly improved supply chain efficiency and time-to-market for electronic products. SpinCircuit is a privately held company based in San Jose, California. The company's founding partners include Cadence Design Systems (NYSE:CDN), Flextronics International Ltd. (NASDAQ:FLEX), and Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE:HWP). For more information, visit the SpinCircuit design gateway at http://www.spincircuit.com.

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