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SOFTBANK NetForums Selects Inso Corporation’s DynaBase Dynamic
Web Publishing System for Web Site Development and Management

DynaBase to Dynamically Display Breaking News on Seybold

San Francisco/Publishing ’97 Website at www.seyboldseminars.com

SAN FRANCISCO, September 29, 1997 – Inso Corporation (booth #2035) and SOFTBANK NetForums today announced at Seybold San Francisco/Publishing ‘97 that SOFTBANK NetForums has selected Inso’s DynaBase Dynamic Web Publishing System. DynaBase is an integrated Web publishing system for teams that manage and deliver large, dynamic Web sites.

SOFTBANK NetForums, a producer and manager of innovative and technically advanced information technology event Web sites, is initially implementing DynaBase for use on the Seybold San Francisco/Publishing ‘97 Web site. DynaBase developer and reseller, Visual Bridge, Inc., has created a DynaBase application that will dynamically display breaking Seybold San Francisco/Publishing ’97 show news. The ‘Show Daily’ capability will allow Seybold Seminars to rapidly highlight the latest news as it is keyed in by Seybold Seminars reporters. The news will be automatically categorized and updated on the Seybold San Francisco/Publishing ’97 news site.

One of the keys to SOFTBANK NetForums’ selection of DynaBase is the product’s support for Channel Definition Format (CDF), Microsoft’s new push technology that is based upon pending Internet standard eXtensible Markup Language (XML). Also important to SOFTBANK NetForums is DynaBase’s ability to deliver personalized information that is generated dynamically based upon such criteria as a user’s browser type, header and footer information, cookies, or user profiles.

"DynaBase far exceeds our content management system requirements. The DynaBase product enhances SOFTBANK NetForums’ productivity, decreases our HTML coding time, and allows us to offer better service with more customer interface time," said Marc Senasac, Director of Web Design, SOFTBANK NetForums. "Of all the products that we investigated, DynaBase was clearly the best engineered platform for Web content management and dynamic publishing. DynaBase’s flexibility in developing customized solutions that could be easily tailored for our diverse show audiences was clearly apparent when we were able to put up this site in record time. In addition, DynaBase’s support of Microsoft’s CDF, which we expect to be a key content delivery mechanism, was also an important factor in our selection."

DynaBase 2.1 provides support for extended tags, an important part of XML. This capability allows publishers to define their own markup tags which can be used to drive CDF. DynaBase’s XML support includes the ability to index, search, and write scripts for use with the new markup language. DynaBase also includes a CDF document type, sample CDF generator scripts, and a dynamic channel capability, making it easy for Web publishers to ‘jump-start’ their CDF development efforts.

"Inso’s ‘Dyna’ products have been showcased for years at Seybold Seminars events, so we are extremely pleased that SOFTBANK NetForums’ initial implementation of DynaBase is for use on the Seybold San Francisco Website," said Kim Shah, General Manager for DynaBase at Inso Corporation. "Once they see the Seybold Seminars site, professional publishers attending this event will fully appreciate our product’s capability for efficiently updating and customizing information."

DynaBase offers two main capabilities -- sophisticated content management and powerful dynamic publishing. For content management, DynaBase includes the Data Server, a secure, version-controlled repository for Web site components that keeps site content well organized and managed, while also enabling remote access to the production environment. The DynaBase Data Server includes a built in object-oriented database for storing all forms of Web content including HTML, graphics, scripts, applets, and other media.

The DynaBase Web Manager Client is the interface to the Data Server. It is a file browser for Web sites that can operate locally or remotely across the Internet using the HTTP protocol. The Web Manager enables Web site contributors to check-in or check-out content from the Data Server and automatically launches any authoring tool, enabling instantaneous editing. It also provides multiple views of content, including a Web site folder view, a link view of each document, a version history view, and a management log.

DynaBase’s dynamic publishing environment includes both the Web Server Plug-in and the Web Developer Client. DynaBase constructs highly functional, animated Web pages on-the-fly, from any combination of data types such as HTML, graphics, applets, or multimedia files, as well as from sources such as relational databases. The Web Server Plug-In provides connectivity between production Web servers and the DynaBase Data Server for real-time delivery of content and for executing Visual Basic-compatible scripts that dynamically generate high-impact Web pages.

DynaBase 2.1 is currently available on Microsoft Internet Information Server running Windows NT 4.0 and Netscape Enterprise and FastTrack Servers running Windows NT 3.51, 4.0 and Sun Solaris 2.5. For teams operating in large enterprises, starting pricing for a DynaBase installation is $47,000. Call Inso at 800-733-5799 for specific pricing and configuration information. For additional information visit the DynaBase area of the Inso Web site at www.inso.com.

Inso has been a leader in the dynamic hypermedia market for ten years. Inso’s "Dyna" products are built upon a stable and high performance set of technologies that dynamically serve million+ page Web sites for industry leaders including Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, Novell, and Sybase.

Inso Corporation (Nasdaq: INSO) is a leading provider of dynamic electronic publishing and information access software products that operate in environments ranging from computer desktops to the Internet. The Company markets its products to major corporations, government agencies, and end users, as well as to original equipment manufacturers of computer hardware and software. Additional information about Inso and its products can be found at http://www.inso.com.

SOFTBANK NetForums(www.sbnf.com), a division of SOFTBANK Forums, provides online services and tools that help producers of high tech events and educational programs enhance their Web presence, and attract the best and brightest participants to their events. SOFTBANK NetForums produces and manages Web sites that prove to be highly innovative and technically advanced. Many of these sites premiere unique features and content, such as, fully automated online registration, sophisticated conference and event planning tools, industry news and commentary, product reviews, up-to-date event & conference information, archived keynote addresses, job banks and much more.

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