SiRPAC V1.0 Announcement. Simple RDF Parser & Compiler.

From  Tue Jul 28 07:25:00 1998
Date:          Tue, 28 Jul 1998 14:12:54 +0200
Organization:  World Wide Web Consortium
Subject:       SiRPAC V1.0 announcement
From:          Janne Saarela <>

SiRPAC is a Simple RDF Parser & Compiler

I've been working on a program which compiles RDF/XML source files to triple representation of the corresponding RDF data model. I believe the software is now stable enough for the public to try it out.

You can find the documentation with links to an interactive compilation & visualization service at [1]. There is also a tar ball which you can download and install on your machine should you wish to investigate it further.

Feedback is most welcome.


Janne Saarela


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