SGML RMIT seeks partner for SIM development

From leafusa!! Tue Aug 13 14:15:24 1996
Subject: RMIT Seeks Dev/Dist. Partners



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This information is from Dan Fishman:


Distribution and development partners sought for Multimedia Document

SIM is a robust, Web- and Intranet-based, scaleable database server for
the management, retrieval, and update of large collections of
multimedia documents in SGML format.  SIM performs full-text indexing
and search based on keywords, content, and positional criteria.  It is
a *very* high performance system, and it maintains and manipulates
documents in SGML format.  SIM is standards-based (SGML, HTML, Z39.50,
CCL), and it provides functionality for access control, usage billing,
HTML and RTF translation to/from SGML, as well as selective
dissemination of information.  It is modularly designed and is highly
scaleable and extensible.  This is a world-class technology.

SIM was developed and is supported by a strong R&D team led by Dr. Ron
Sacks-Davis at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).
This is the third commercial database system developed by this team.
Attractive licensing terms are available.

On the market in Australia since early 1995, SIM already has an
installed base of customers using SIM to support multi-gigabyte
databases and thousands of users.  With significant 1995 and 1996
revenues in Australia, SIM is now available to be licensed in the U.S.

Development Partnership:
RMIT is seeking a strong development partner to assume productization
and marketing responsibility for SIM in the U.S.  RMIT will work with
the partner to transition product development to the partner.  RMIT
will transition to an advanced development role.  The partner is
expected to determine functionality requirements for the U.S.  market.
Initially, RMIT will take responsibility for short- to medium-term
deliverables.  Later on, RMIT will research and develop advanced

Distribution Partnerships:

RMIT also seeks distribution partners, such as system integrators and
VARs.  RMIT, or the local product developer will provide product
engineering and support for SIM and add new features to SIM as required
for the U.S. market.

For further information contact:

Dan Fishman
Tel:	408-446-3877
Fax:	408-257-6213

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