SHOWTREE for W3C XSLT WD 19990709

Date:     Wed, 28 Jul 1999 09:03:37 -0400
From:     "G. Ken Holman" <>
To:       XSL List <>
Subject:  Announce:  SHOWTREE for W3C XSLT WD 19990709

The SHOWTREE diagnostic stylesheet in the free Resource Library of the Crane web site has been updated to the W3C XSLT Working Draft 19990709 (thanks again to James for his XT 19990725 earlier this week).

These stylesheets are useful for learning the node structure created by an XSL engine for a given instance.

The stylesheet will report the node structure and content of an input document, noting the ordinal positions in the hierarchy of each component of the ancestry.

The stylesheet exposes root, element, attribute, text, comment, and pi nodes.

I hope this helps.

............ Ken

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