SGML User's Group - Fact Sheet

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Note: This document (origin is 1994) will be updated soon. For current address information, see --rcc, 19970110

How did the Users' Group start?

The Group evolved from those interested in text and graphics processing realizing the important contribution that standards can make to the ready exchange and multiple uses of such computer-based information. Indeed, several members of the Group made significant contributions towards the creation and drafting of the standard. The Group has a formal constitution (with provision for special interest groups and national and regional chapters). The membership elects a President, a Vice-President, and members of the Executive Council to run the Group.

Who are the Officers and Members of the Executive Council?

President:      Ms Pamela L Gennusa
Vice-President: Mr William W Davis Jr
Secretary:      Mr Stephen G Downie
Treasurer:      Mr Richard Light

Ex officio Members:

Honorary Technical Consultant:   Dr Charles F Goldfarb
Chairs of each Chapter and Special Interest Group

Elected Members:
  Ms Sharon C Adler 
  Mr Marion Elledge 
  Mr Paul A Ellison 
  Dr James D Mason 
  Dr Lynne A Price 
  Ms Drs Dieke van Wijnen

Where does it meet?

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held at the SGML Europe conference each year. Other meetings are held wherever there is a group of people interested in SGML. A mid-year meeting is also held at the SGML conferences in North America.

Regional chapters meet at regular intervals based on their specific requirements. For example, the New York group meets monthly, while the UK group meets quarterly.

What does it do?

The objectives of the group are to promote the use of the Standard Generalized Markup Language and to provide a forum for the exchange of information about SGML.

How do I join?

Membership is open to any individual or institution interested in SGML. Institutions may name two persons who will be admitted as institutional members.

Annual Subscription Individuals - $75 / 40 pounds sterling; Institutions - $150 / 80 pounds sterling

Benefits of membership

The subscription includes up-to-date information about SGML and related standards, reduced rates at events organized by the Users' Group, a copy of each issue of the Newsletter, copies of the standards and technical reports at special prices, discounts on certain books central to SGML, and 10% discount for the SGML Europe Conferences.

The Group also uses its funds to support SGML-related activities, such as contributing to the funding of the SGML Archive on the Internet and providing loans to groups setting up regional chapters.


To become a member complete the application form below and return to:

SGML Users' Group
PO Box 361
Great Western Wy
Wiltshire SN5 7BF, U.K.
Phone: +44 793 512515
Fax: +44 793 512516

SGML Users' Group Membership Application Form

Name:					Position:
Name: Position:

City/State/Zip/Post Code:Telephone:

Please make cheques payable to: SGML Users' Group

Check one:
Individual membership:
Institutional membership:

Fax: Email:
Cheque Amount: Date:

Order Form for Publications
ISO publications and books offered at a special rate
to members only.

ISO 8879 SGML including Amendment 1
___ copies @ 60.00 pounds sterling
ISO 8879 SGML Amendment 1 only
___ copies @ 3.00 pounds sterling
ISO 9069 SGML Document Interchange Format (SDIF)
___ copies @ 15.00 pounds sterling
ISO 10744 HyTime
___ copies @ 50.00 pounds sterling
Goldfarb, The SGML Handbook
___ copies @ 40.00 pounds sterling
van Herwijnen, Practical SGML, 2nd ed.
___ copies @ 35.00 pounds sterling

Back issues of Bulletin and Newsletter are also available.

___ copies of volume 1 (1986) @ 12.00 pounds sterling
___ copies of volume 2 (1987) @ 12.00 pounds sterling
___ copies of volume 3 (1988) @ 12.00 pounds sterling
___ copies of volume 4 (1989) @ 6.00 pounds sterling

___ copies of issues 1 - 10 (set) @ 20.00 pounds sterling
___ copies of issues 11 - 20 (set) @ 20.00 pounds sterling
___ copies of issues 21 - 25 (set) @ 10.00 pounds sterling


Cheques should be made payable to: SGML USERS' GROUP

Or supply an official order or order reference if you wish your
organization to be invoiced.

Order Reference: