SGML: Free software: SGML query language

Free software: SGML query language

From Wed May 21 04:37:14 1997
Date: Wed, 21 May 1997 11:36:48 +0100
From: "Jean Ve'ronis" <>


                *** ANNOUNCING FREE ALPHA RELEASE ***

                    SgmlQL (SGML Query Language)


We are pleased to announce an alpha release of the SGML/HTML query
language developed within the MULTEXT project:


     SgmlQL is a programming language for the manipulation of SGML/HTML
     documents. It can perform complex operations such as:

        * Extract all <H1>s from a document at a given URL;
        * Remove all <P>-internal tags (<I>, <B>, etc.) but keep their
          textual content;
        * Clean up a document by removing all tags with not text inside
          (e.g. <I></I>);
        * Change all <I>s to <B>s;
        * Change, add or remove attributes of any element;
        * Find out how many <IMG> elements there are in your documents;
        * Extract the value of all HREF attributes from a document;
        * Download an HTML/SGML file from a given URL and all files it
          refers to by HREF attributes;
        * Convert an SGML document into an HTML document;

     and more...

        * Build new documents with your results;
        * Use the language interpreter as a CGI filter;
        * etc.

     SgmlQL is based on SQL. It is a functional language, i.e., a
     language in which all data and program statements are expressions,
     or queries, and which are recursively evaluated. It allows for
     manipulation of numbers, strings, (SGML) names, elements,
     attribute-value sets, documents, and (mixed content) lists, and
     can perform complex operations on these objects. SgmlQL works on
     normalised SGML (closing tags present, etc., as output of the spam
     and sgmlnorm normalizers, or the nsgmls parser).

Download the interpreter

     An alpha version for UN*X of MtSgmlQL, the SgmlQL interpreter, can
     be freely downloaded to your system for non-commercial,
     non-military purposes (see the user agreement). Sources are
     available as well as binaries compiled for various platforms.



     In case of problems, please contact <>. Your
     feedback is welcome.