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SGML University

SGML University is a single high-quality source for education and training in electronic document information management, offering courses on SGML and related standards and the products that support them. SGML University provides the electronic publishing industry with a place to network, learn, and teach.

SGML University was founded to meet the educational needs of electronic publishing professionals. Our courses are designed to give you the tools you need to keep pace with intelligent document management technologies.

As an SGMLU student, you can take advantage of a wide range of educational tools, including the SGML University web site, the SGML Power Tools(tm) CD-ROM, and a comprehensive, holistic training curriculum. SGML University offers more than 43 courses and seminars all over the world.

The SGML University Web Site

The SGML University Web site,, is a content-rich site with free software and information on tools, vendors, products, and services. It is our mission to make this site the premier free resource for anything having to do with intelligent document management, including information about SGML, XML and related technologies. The information on the site is constantly changing, so visit frequently.

The SGML University Press

SGML University Press is committed to creating a library of publications for the implementor of intelligent document management systems. This is done by publishing titles that are rich with information necessary to implement document management solutions.

SGML University Press is pleased to offer, OmniMark At Work, Volume 1: Getting Started

OmniMark is a powerful tool for converting text in an SGML environment. The new version of OmniMark adds powerful "middleware" capabilities. This book is for the person who need to understand OmniMark from the ground up. It is rich with examples, and includes a CD-ROM with a free version of OmniMark and all code examples in the book

Contact SGML University

For more information, contact us toll free, 1-888-SGMLU-88, email, or visit our web site

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SGML University Pacific Seminars, November 24-27, Tokyo, Japan. (link to This event is being sponsored by Adobe, AIS, Bull K.K., FXIS, Hitachi, Inso, SGML Open, and Uniscope

The SGML standard is over ten years old, but there has been a great deal of interest all over the world in recent years. SGML is a fairly simple syntax, but its implications are very broad for publications managers and documentation professionals.

It is in the spirit of academic enlightenment that SGML University with Toshiba Advanced Systems, is presenting the SGML University Pacific Seminar Series in Tokyo.

The seminars consist of two days of tutorials and a two-day conference and exhibition. There are eight different tutorials on topics ranging from making the business case for SGML to detailed instruction in certain SGML tools.

The conference is packed with talks on SGML and related technologies as well as case studies presented by people whi have implemented SGML systems in their organizations. At the exhibition you will see products and services by companies that can help you implement your own SGML system.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn about SGML and its application from the experts.