SGML-Tools goes DocBook

Subject:      Announce: SGML-Tools goes DocBook
From: (Cees de Groot)
Date:         1998/04/08
Message-ID:   <6gggba$4nn$>
Newsgroups:   comp.text.sgml

Yesterday, with the release of SGML-Tools 1.1.2, the track to convert
SGML-Tools (formerly Linuxdoc-SGML) from the linuxdoc DTD to 
the DocBook DTD has finally started.

SGML-Tools 1.1.x, a series of "hacker versions", is a combination of
existing packages (Jade, DocBook stylesheets, etcetera) with added
functionality and glue scripts, which should result in an out-of-the-box
DocBook solution somewhere in Q3 this year. 

We have a lot of work to do, so if people are willing to help they're
more than welcome to download a 1.1.x version, join the mailing list,
and make contributions. As modifications to existing packages (like new
Jade backends) will be contributed back to their respective maintainers,
not only the SGML-Tools project will benefit from your work. The TODO
list in the archive has some possible projects, but this is not a 
limitative list.

Furthermore, as many groups are moving to DocBook, we'd like you to take
a look at SGML-Tools 1.1.x and evalutate whether the structure we offer
would be usable for your environment. We're committed to making SGML-Tools
widely usable, not only for the Linux documentation project, but also
for other projects and operating systems. In order to prevent reinvention
of wheels, we'd like to hear from you how we can make SGML-Tools work 
for you.

I want to stress that 1.1.x versions are strictly development versions. This
means that functionality will be added and removed without notification,
programs will malfunction, and support questions on the mailing list will
not be given much attention. Only download this software for hacking or
evaluation purposes!

Contact info:
 SGML-Tools maintainer:  Cees de Groot <>
 Mailing list: (instructions on homepage).


Cees de Groot