SGML/XML Finland '98

Subject:      SGML/XML Finland '98 - First Call for Papers & Exhibits
From: (Oskari Heinonen)
Date:         1998/06/12
Newsgroups:   comp.text.sgml


        SGML/XML Finland '98 - First Call for Papers & Exhibits

        S  G  M  L  /  X  M  L     F  I  N  L  A  N  D   ' 9  8
            O  C  T  O  B  E  R     8  -  9 ,   1  9  9  8
          J  Y  V  Ä  S  K  Y  L  Ä ,   F  I  N  L  A  N  D
           H  O  T  E  L     L  A  A  J  A  V  U  O  R  I

The SGML Users Group Finland invites users and developers of SGML and
SGML-based systems to give a presentation at its third annual seminar,
SGML/XML Finland '98, renamed to reflect the growing interest in XML.
Vendors and developers are also invited to present their tools in the
exhibition area.

The SGML/XML Finland '98 serves as a meeting point for all interested
people from experienced professionals to new users of SGML or XML. 
Presentations may focus on structured document management, industrial
applications, business issues, or advanced or introductory SGML/XML

Topics of interest

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

- production, conversion, management and
  distribution of structured documents
- publishing in SGML/XML
- SGML/XML techniques and tools
- related standards, e.g., HyTime, DSSSL, XSL and HTML
- SGML/XML on the World Wide Web
- product data management
- applications
- case studies

Presentations will be categorized according to the topic.

Tutorials & invited speakers

Tutorial topics and names of the invited speakers will be released

Seminar languages

Languages of the seminar are Finnish and English, with the
anticipation that Finnish participants give their presentations in
Finnish.  Papers can be in Finnish, or in English if so chosen.

Paper submission

If you are interested in giving a presentation at the SGML/XML
Finland '98, please submit an extended abstract (approximately 300-600
words) of your paper together with the following information:

- title of paper
- name(s) of author(s) and contact information, including
  fax number and email address if available
- the author's biography (approximately 50 words/person)
- time required for the presentation
- any other requirements concerning the presentation

Submissions should be sent electronically (preferably in unformatted
text format) to the following address:

The full length of the final paper should be approximately 6-8
pages.  Accepted papers will be published in the seminar proceedings.

Important dates

- July 17, 1998: extended abstract submission
- July 31, 1998: notification of acceptance
- August 28, 1998: final papers due

Contact persons

Vendors and developers interested in participating in the exhibition
organized during the seminar should contact Mr Kimmo Rytkönen

Other inquiries should be sent to

What is SGML?

The Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) is an international
standard (ISO 8879) for describing the content of documents. SGML
data is vendor, platform and media independent, and can be used and
reused in a wide variety of applications. As a descriptive coding
language, SGML separates the logical structure of the document from
its presentation.

What is XML?

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a simplified dialect of SGML.
It combines the simplicity of the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and
the flexibility of SGML, and is intended to make the distribution of
structured documents easier on the World Wide Web.

What is SGML Users Group Finland?

The SGML Users Group Finland is a non-profit association the purpose
of which is to provide knowledge about SGML and related standards. It
also serves as the Finnish Chapter of the International SGML Users'
Group (ISUG). For more information, see

   Oskari Heinonen, University of Helsinki, Dept. of Computer Science,