Seybold San Francisco Conference & Exposition Drives Electronic Publishing Discussions and Features New Product Demonstrations

Contact: Kathleen Burke, Softbank Expositions, (415) 578-6963

FOSTER CITY, CA (September 20, 1994) - Over 38,000 people visited more than 300 companies exhibiting the latest in publishing technology at the Seybold San Francisco Exposition. Reflecting the explosive growth of the computer publishing industry, more than 3,400 took part in the educational Conference portion of the event. In its ninth year history as the gathering place for graphic communicators, Seybold San Francisco ran September 12-16 at the Moscone Center.

The Conference opened with keynote addresses from major industry influencers, including Michael Spindler, President and CEO of Apple Computer, Inc., Roger Heinen, Senior Vice President, Developer Division, Microsoft Corporation, and John Gage, Director, Science Office, Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation. Spindler's theme was integration of the computer, telephone and television into a single product. Heinen presented his vision for pioneering new technology in information publishing and Gage focused on the future of the Internet.

Hot New Product announcements - a sampling of new developments that may have significant impact upon publishing - were also made at the Conference. R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company announced a new Digital Division and PowerBase, a set of special-purpose publishing capabilities. Adobe Systems, Inc. revealed upcoming features of Acrobat, including the ability to access a document from a Mosaic home page. First Virtual Corporation, Ralph Ungermann's new company, unveiled a set of products designed to competitively price ATM networking technologies with switched Ethernet. Radius, Inc. described technology for the production of newspapers featuring multimedia elements.


"Last year everyone was focused on CD-ROM, which presented challenges to this traditionally text-based industry," explains founder Jonathan Seybold. "Now the Internet is hot because it's the medium with which publishers are most familiar. We are at the juncture where what happens on the Net will set the de facto standards for electronic documents and this conference is the one place where our industry gathers to discuss these issues."

Closing Session speakers presented their perspectives on the future of the Internet: Carl Malamud, President of the Internet Multicasting Service; Tim Gill, Vice President, Research and Development, Quark, Inc.; and Yuri Rubinsky, President, SoftQuad Inc.

The Seybold San Francisco Exposition is the largest and most comprehensive event of its kind in the world. More than 300 companies, including Aldus, Linotype Hell, Canon, Apple and Microsoft, showcased the latest breakthroughs and announced major new product releases. One of the themes throughout the Conference and the show floor was large format color output devices. Companies exhibiting this technology included Encad, Summagraphics, Phoenix Precision Graphics and Alpha Merics. Other hot technologies include Agfa's new font compression technology called MicroType and Optronics' new line of ColorGetters that feature increased resolution.

Additionally, the show floor features the following special events:

Seybold Live! - The Imaging Center
Attendees participated in real-time production of actual projects.

Radius Virtual Publishing
Radius exhibited the Virtual Newsroom, a prototype agent newspaper that gathers and digitizes information and images and is then published conventionally and on the Internet.

Sessions! A World Premier Gallery Exhibit and Book Review
This gallery featured high-fidelity black and white IRIS prints from the WhaleSong Collections that were created on the Power Macintosh and published in the book Sessions!

Computer Artist Gallery
This eclectic exhibition of digital art included the best work from recent issues.

Real World Imaging Gallery
Presented by Micro Publishing News, Real World Imaging Gallery attendees viewed works from some of California's leading imaging service bureaus.


Type Directors Club Annual International Show
A showcase of the best use of typography for 1993 chosen from the 40th annual international competition of the Type Directors Club.

New Technology Labs
Hands-on demonstrations of the latest technologies and trends in graphics communications.

Recognized as the largest and most comprehensive shows in the computer publishing industry, Seybold events have enjoyed a successful nine-year proven track record for attracting thousands of graphic communicators and prepress professionals to see the latest technological innovations.

Jason Dominguez
On-Line Publishing Specialist