New public working draft of XML Schema

Date:     27 Sep 1999 15:38:34 +0100
From:     "Henry S. Thompson" <>
Subject:  New public working draft of XML Schema, comments invited

On behalf of the editors and the XML Schema working group, I'm pleased to announce the release of new public working drafts: (Structures) (Datatypes)

Please review and send comments to

May I call your attention to the following note in the 'Status' section of the 'Structures' draft:

Three major components of this document are marked below as out-of-date and/or under construction: major efforts by task forces from within the WG are underway with respect to these, and their reports are linked from this draft. We felt it was important to present this work to the public, in keeping with our obligation to produce drafts for public inspection and comment on a regular basis, despite the "Under Construction" signs posted below. It is our intention henceforth to publish interim working drafts with greater frequency, both to keep interested parties informed of our progress, and to emphasize the "work in progress" nature of these drafts.


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