S68 Electronic Standards for Biblical Language Texts Seminar

Program outline for the Electronic Standards for Biblical Language Texts Seminar, meeting of Sunday November 23, 1997. From: http://www.sbl-site.org/scripts/SBL/Congresses/97AM_Sunday.html.

S68 Electronic Standards for Biblical Language Texts Seminar
Sunday November 23, 1997


Patrick Durusau, Scholars Press, Presiding

9:00 Working Session of the Seminar: Review of Ongoing Work on Writing System Declarations
and Entity Sets


James R. Adair, Scholars Press

Lewis M. Barth, Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles

David J. A. Clines, University of Sheffield

James D. Ernest, Boston College

Erik Eynikel, Katholicke Universität

Alan Groves, Westminster Theological Seminary

Steven Kaufman, Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon Project, Hebrew Union College (Cincinnati)

Robert A. Kraft, University of Pennsylvania

John A. L. Lee, University of Sydney

Kirk E. Lowery, Baptist Theological Seminary

Cynthia L. Miller, University of Wisconsin

Bruce Morrill, International Greek New Testament Project

John H. Sailhamer, Northwestern College

Bernard A. Taylor, Loma Linda University

Dale Wheeler, Multnomah Bible College

Richard E. Whitaker, Princeton Theological Seminary

9:45 Recess

10:00 Organization of working groups to formulate proposed standards for encoding primary and
secondary materials and critical aparatus for biblical language texts

11:00 Business Meeting