SAX 1.0beta

From Sun Apr 26 21:39:38 1998
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 22:26:38 -0400
From: David Megginson <>
Subject: SAX 1.0beta


I have just uploaded a beta version of SAX 1.0, which you can download
through the following URL (there is also a link to online JavaDoc

The interface is now frozen except for bug fixes -- I promise not to
tinker any more.  

I'll wait a couple of days to collect bug reports, then will fix any
bugs or documentation typos reported and will announce SAX 1.0 to the
rest of the world.  PLEASE send in any bug reports as soon as
possible, or the bugs may live on for years in the final SAX.

There are a few significant changes from the last week's last
pre-release, mostly because I have finally allowed myself to be worn
down by good arguments from patient people:

- everything that used to throw java.lang.Exception now throws
  SAXException; SAXException can embed any other kind of exception

- use Java-specific InputStream and Reader classes wherever
  ByteStream and CharacterStream were used before

- removed custom stream classes: ByteStream and CharacterStream in
  core; and ByteStreamAdapter, CharacterStreamAdapter,
  InputStreamAdapter, ReaderAdapter, and IOExceptionWrapper in helpers

- added support for specified byte-stream encoding in InputSource

- added helper classes AttributeListImpl and LocatorImpl

- updated much documentation

When I put together more documentation (beyond the verbose JavaDoc
comments), I will provide an OMG-IDL definition of ByteStream and
CharacterStream, which people can use as a guide for creating bindings
across different programming languages.  The and classes can be mapped to these definitions.

Thanks and congratulations to the members of XML-DEV.

[Note: 980427 27 Apr 1998 15:08:52 -0400
Thanks to Trong Nguyen for pointing out that my 1.0beta distribution
accidentally omitted the generated JavaDoc documentation.  It's in
there now, if anyone needs it (same URL): ]

All the best,


David Megginson       
Microstar Software Ltd.

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