SGML on the Web: Small Steps Beyond HTML
By Rubinsky and Maloney

Table of Contents

Rubinsky, Yuri; Maloney, Murray. SGML on the Web: Small Steps Beyond HTML. Charles F. Goldfarb Series On Open Information Management. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall PTR [Professional Technical Reference], 1997. Extent: 528 pages, CDROM with Panorama Pro 2.0 and other software. ISBN: Paper (0-13-519984-0). Authors' affiliation: SoftQuad, Inc. See the bibliographic entry for other descriptions.

Volume Table of Contents


Preface-Firmness, Commodity and Delight



Part I-Talking the Talk

Chapter 1-Why Go Beyond HTML?

Chapter 2-How to Use This Book

Chapter 3-Starting Simple

Part II-Walking the Walk

Chapter 4-Exploring HTML with a Flashlight

Chapter 5-We'll Take the High Road

Chapter 6-Leaving a Trail of Breadcrumbs

Part III-Stepping Beyond

Chapter 7-Fresh DTDs

Chapter 8-You Can Get There From Here

Chapter 9-The Tiny Table Two-Step

Part IV-Struttin' Your Stuff

Chapter 10-Running on Entities


Appendix A-The SGML Primer

Appendix B-SGML Users, Start Here

Appendix C-A Good Time to be Using SGML

  1. New Products
  2. Spread of SGML to New Industries
  3. The World's Largest SGML Application
  4. Appearance of SGML in Mainstream Magazines and on Bookstore Shelves
  5. Attendance at SGML conferences is Nearly Doubling Each Year

Appendix D-Just Enough History

Appendix E-License Agreement and Limited Warranty






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