A Prayer About Prayer

I am starting to understand that it matters less to whom I pray than that I pray.

That in praying for guidance, the real goal is to formulate questions so clearly that I can understand them. The external power that offers guidance comes from within me; the force of its wisdom comes from my clarity; the strength of its conviction arises out of my choice to concentrate on this question or that call for help. All of these are requests for clarification.

That in praying for strength, the real goal is to recognize my strength. I have survived till now! I have done some of what I can do, but not all. I have understood all of what I needed to arrive here today and I accept that tomorrow I may need to learn more. My prayer for strength is a prayer for a moment of stillness in which to gather my resources.

I am not going into battle. I don't need the strength of ten. I don't need armour and a sward. All prayers are prayers for guidance and strength. I have what I need: I have the clear strength of one.

Yuri Ivan Rubinsky