XML-based RightDoc dynamically creates personalized document content from applications to view, print, and generate HTML4, PDF, and PostScript formats

Colbert, WA - January 4, 1999.

RightDoc Company announces the immediate availability of RightDoc 1.0, an XML-based content management and publishing engine. RightDoc provides for the dynamic creation of XML documents in Enterprise or Web server based Visual Basic, C++, J++, Delphi, Excel, Access applications, etc., and extends the power of those applications by automatically creating visually appealing highly personalized XML-based forms, reports, billing statements, legal contracts, letters and more.

RightDoc enables companies to build an XML-based document infrastructure directly into applications, empowering them with XML-based technology and providing an immediate payback by producing personalized device independent business documents for use enterprise-wide.

Complete with built-in variable text merging, conditional formatting and conditional processing, royalty-free ActiveX and DLL centric RightDoc is application data driven and gets the job done right every time. Now companies can create sets of "Smart" documents, with each document having the ability to alter itself based on application data provided, with zero administrative overhead required.

The RightDoc Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides for tight integration of application line of business variable data with business rules, math calculations, variable formatting styles, and reusable textual components, unlike structural identification-only tag editors or word-based text editors. This enables companies to dynamically create layout intensive pages from separate reusable content, styles and application data thus reducing document generation costs.

Form-based built-in editors create and modify processing tags, styles and style properties, as well as XML entities, providing an easy transition to XML technologies. External and internal variables, recordsets, and drilldowns are intrinsic parts of RightDoc and as such are easy and intuitive for document authors to use. RightDoc was designed to allow document authors to be middle-level users such as System or Business Analysts, or entry-level programmers.

PRICING: Introductory price of $249 per development seat, royalty-free.

PLATFORM: RightDoc is a 32-bit application which runs on Windows 95 (or above) and Windows NT (3.51 or above).

ABOUT RIGHTDOC COMPANY: RightDoc Company is a U.S. based, privately held software publishing firm founded in 1998.


Please contact us directly for a full release of RightDoc that includes the reference manual. The on-line evaluation download does not include the reference manual.


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