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Subject: RE: DRAFT Revised Charter

Who is arranging for the next teleconference?  I though that we said that we would have a teleconference at 1:00pm - 2:30pm PST 8 June.  Is that correct?  Where there any minutes posted from the last one?
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Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 12:04 PM
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Subject: DRAFT Revised Charter

Hello All,

The DRAFT Revised Charter for the OASIS ebXML Registry and Repository Technical Committee (Reg/rep TC) is below. A PDF version is attached.   We will be discussing the revised charter during a teleconference on Friday, May 25, 1:00 - 2:30.  Call details are as follows:

CALL DATE:         MAY-25-2001  (Friday)
> CALL TIME:         01:00 PM EASTERN TIME
> USA Toll Free Number: 888-810-9157
> USA Toll Number: +1-630-395-0407
> PASSCODE: 19037
> LEADER:            Ms Lisa Carnahan


Name of the TC: OASIS ebXML Registry and Repository Technical Committee (Reg/rep TC)

Statement of Purpose

The OASIS ebXML Reg/rep TC develops specifications to achieve interoperable registries and repositories for XML-related entities, with an interface that enables submission, query and retrieval on the contents of the registry and repository.  Further, the Reg/rep TC seeks to develop specifications that serve a wide-range of uses, covering the spectrum from general purpose document registries to real-time business-to-business transaction registries. 
Additionally, as part of its specification development work, this TC explores and promotes various emerging models for distributed and cooperating registries.

The TC's efforts fosters compatibility across specifications developed in other forums, specifically furthering the work that was accomplished in the ebXML Registry and Repository Project Team.  (Further information on the ebXML initiative can be found at http://www.ebxml.org. )

As part of its effort to develop specifications, this TC will:
--Address requirements raised by committee members and by the joint OASIS-UN/CEFACT Requirements and Technical Architecture Committees;
--Proactively engage with related activities in external forums, and specifically:
        -create a recognized liaison with ISO 11179;
        -create a recognized liaison with UDDI;
        -create recognized liaisons with appropriate W3C activities and Working Groups to include the XML Query Working Group and the           XML Protocol Working Group;
--Coordinate TC activities with other technical committees and work groups operating within OASIS and UN/CEFACT; and
--Develop future versions of the OASIS/ebXML Registry Specifications with consideration of related technologies adopted by other forums.

Technical Committee Deliverables:

Unlike newly formed OASIS ebXML TCs that are based solely on existing ebXML work, the Reg/rep TC can be considered a merging of two complimentary efforts.  As such, the OASIS ebXML Reg/rep TC will revisit the requirements of both committees in an effort to incorporate the compatible vision and goals of both OASIS and ebXML (reg/rep committees).  The OASIS ebXML Reg/Rep TC will use the ebXML Registry Information Model Version 1.0, the ebXML Registry Services Version 1.0, and the OASIS Draft Registry/Repository Technical Specification, Version 1.1 as starting points for Phase II work.  The TC's base documents will be the ebXML specifications; however much of the OASIS Draft Registry/Repository Specification will be considered candidate material for inclusion.  The ebXML Reg/rep Issues list will be used as the starting point for this TC's Issues list and will be used to generate specific technical priorities. 

This TC will develop Technical Specifications, Technical Reports and White Papers as appropriate.  Technical Reports and White Papers will be used to explain the motivation, uses, and implementation issues of the Technical Specifications.  Initial White Paper candidates include existing use cases and query examples.

The list of deliverables is summarized below:
--Registry Information Model, initial draft 2, first quarter, 2001.
--Registry Services Specification, initial draft 2, first quarter, 2002.
--Registry information Model, final draft 2, third quarter, 2002.
--Registry Services Specification, final draft 2, third quarter 2002.
--Technical Reports will be drafted as appropriate.
--White Papers will be drafted as appropriate. 

The TC will conduct its business in English.

Lisa Carnahan (US NIST) is the current chair. 

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